Japan Trip #1 : Fukuoka

December 8, 2013

Before my Japan trip story start, let me "show off" my nails which made it for japan trip,LoL! inspiration from G.V.G.V , Kenzo and CDG .

~ Japan Friends Trip 2013 ~
Date : 9-17/11/2013

My last visit at Japan is on year 2008, went to Hokkaido for white christmas holiday. Oh~~ it is 5 years ago… I was travelled to Osaka too, but that was 6 or 7 years ago, so i have really no idea on whats changes in Japan since so many years i didn't go. 
My friends were planning for our friendship trip and they suggested to go Osaka , Japan. That is our first long distance trip ( more than 4 hours flight la~~) , so excited! Because of i already visited Osaka before, so i just go for shopping shopping and shopping,hehe!  
Always recommend take mid night flight to Japan , because that is another morning when you arrive, and you have more time for trip, although the weather is always unsteady in mid night, hmm..i will never forget that horrible experience when my first flight to Osaka, plane go into stormy cloud, you can see clearly of lighting and raining heavy outside in dark night, suddenly drop for few apartment level height, all passenger were scream out loud from dream, that is my nightmare and also make me have flight sick ,I am very scare and nervous when on the plane, that's why i never travel to Europe or far far away country, 7 hours flight is my limit =(

Alright, stop that bad experience sharing.
Here is my trip to start =)

We reached Kansai International Airport, Osaka at 7am , Japan time is 1 hour earlier than Malaysia, our first stop is Fukuoka. To going to Fukuoka, we choose the fastest and easy way ~ Shinkansen a.k.a bullet train Japan. Before we go, we have to find courier company to delivery our big luggage to Osaka Hotel, we just need to bring small and easy carry bag to Fukuoka. Yamato Ta-Q Bin is the one we found in Kansai International Airport, they are very famous in Japan, luggages can be delivery within 2 days and only need not more than 3000 Yen for each luggage.

We bought 4 days pass for Shinkansen (20000 Yen) which can let us to travel Osaka - Kyoto - Fukuoka - Hiroshima. Shinkansen to Fukuoka from Osaka needs 2+ hours, it was already 2pm when we reach Hakata.

This is our hotel in Hakata, Hotel Active!

Cozy gathering point.

Pyjamas prepared.

Small but full equipment washroom =)

room is tiny but please do not expect bigger room when you travel to Japan unless you can spend for 5 stars hotel money =P , small room but with perfect equipment like air purifier, TV, working table, refrigerator , clothes hanger area, shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, hair dryer, pyjamas. 

Can see that air purifier ? so caring.
I like this hotel, their room rate is not expensive, just 10 minutes walks from JR station , shopping center and restaurants area. They provided complimentary breakfast , it was taste great with Japan and western style . Free laundry usage, free drinks at every floor and Onsen (hot spring) . 

Hakata JR Station,also is a landmarks for shopping, gourmet and fun. 


First meal in Hakata, of course is Ippudo Ramen! Ippudo Ramen is originated from Hakata ,Fukuoka. 

While waiting….snap snap snap our tired face LoL!

Taste superb!!!!!! you must pay a visit when travel to Hakata!!! Their taste is different with here and cheaper too.

G Shock is another must buy item in Japan, this digital watch is on trend suddenly, a lots of buyers are mark higher price to resell it . 
I bought G Shock Mini which is only selling in Japan and limited place, so far i only got it from Fukuoka and never seen again in Osaka .

~ Day 1 ended ~
To Be Continue…...

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