My Princesses swimming day

December 18, 2013

I was very busy since back from Japan especially last week, i think i only went to my bedroom for sleep and all the time in the kitchen to rush my orders , so i have no time to play with my princesses also, i knew they are very moody and boring last week. 

This week, i will make myself free all the time! I need took a deep breath before get back to work, so 1 week holiday is not too much right? =P

Today, i was bringing my princesses go to swim at the same place. They are really excited when they saw me carry out their bag ( hmm… the bag i bring every time out with them,they were consider is their bag LoL!) . Shout and scream to get into the car, i am so happy to see them like this. =)

Reached destination , we are lucky that today is a sunny day, yeah!

Princess V did what she did every time when reach, busy to smell busy to pee busy to poo busy to explore…..

What about my Golden Dou Dou? 
She always is the dramatic queen, pattern pattern LoL! so…her pictures always more than Princess V .

So So Sooooo excited! can see from this picture =)

Silly Dou

Run forward to swimming pool and straight jump into the pool, she loves swimming so so much!

Golden Dou Dou : mummy , i jump first, see you later ya!

Hmm…is the ball color too ugly? you don't want go to pick up?

Princess V don't like to swim, but doesn't mean she can't swim, she can swim very well like speed boat.
Princess V : mummy, you jump first, let me consider want to jump later or not? XD

Miss Dou Dou! you don't thought nobody know you are drinking water in the pool!!!! 

I asked her to swim , she don't want ; i begging her to swim, she still pattern pattern.

So happy ? 
Later you will know what happen ,hehehe *evil tails swing *

Dou Dou loves ball ball.

Still don't want to swim….. 

and show me very happy face.

Princess V : Dou Dou, you go pick that ball to me! i can't touch water.

Here is it, i knew she don't like to swim, so just set her free for half an hour and after that catch her back, wear life jacket and on leash, she can't run away again,hahahahaha!

Princess V : Help me !!!!!!
Golden Dou Dou : mummy warned me don't help you, if not i can't go home =(

hmm… is that a little turtle want to get off from pool?! LoL!

Whewwww!!!! finally swimming mission is accomplished. 

This is their video, enjoy! 

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