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June 30, 2017

We can't deny the fact of the smartphone cameras are getting better and better every year, since the smartphone cameras are rapidly become more powerful than ever, do you still need a camera? 

To me, choosing the right tool is very important to getting great photos, i am concerned about photo quality so i will keep upgrading to newer versions of gadget. I have Canon DSLR, Samsung NX Mini and Nikon compact camera, Canon DSLR and Samsung NX Mini are the most widely used cameras for me. Why do i love photography because i wants to experiment with shutter and aperture and develop my photography skills, to take amazing photos. My Canon DSLR is heavy and bulky for travel the way i do, i only bring it out if there is food tasting session. Well, i got problem with my Samsung NX Mini again, yes it is same issue as last time and i spent RM400 to fix it. I think this issue can be a hard thing to fix and get working properly again so it's time to buy a new one!
I've been eyeing on Sony Cameras for a while, but the retail price is so expensive. I want to buy a decent camera or second hand camera in good condition, but don't want to break the bank. As a smart consumer, of course i has always been looking out for all the great deals for the Sony Camera. What is first comes to mind? Ta~daa~~~ It's Carousell! Carousell is a platform where you can sell / buy stuff and also a nice platform to find great deals to save more. For those who love online shopping or for those who like myself want to find a platform to sell pre-loved item, go to Carousell as it has been in the market for quite some time and popular. I am one of the user too!
Carousell is available on both Desktop and mobile App. For Carousell mobile app, download for free via Apple Store or Google Play Store. I prefer to use mobile app because it is very easy to use if I want to sell my clothes, just need 3 steps : Snap, Upload and Sell! 
Navigating through the Carousell app is just simple enough. 
    | How to save money from Carousell |   
Step 1:  I am targeting Sony Cameras so just key in "Sony Camera" as keyword i searched for. Then you can filter according to the location, price, ratings etc.
Step 2: Wide variety of options to choose from, there are new items and also pre-loved items. 
Prices on Carousell are always much cheaper than outside, a brand new Sony RX100 III is RM3179 at retail price, but you are able to get at Carousell with RM2650 (very cheap price)! 
Step 3: The user interface of Carousell is simple to use, just a one click then you can get the product and the seller details. You can even start a chat room to request for more information from the seller. Yes, there are many people that will have concerns about online shopping on the internet such as fear of credit card information being stolen, afraid the seller is not 'real' etc. But on Carousell, you can check the everything about the seller includes profile, reviews, ratings and also the condition of the items you are purchasing. You can also opt for Cash-on-Delivery option so you can meet up with seller and take a look at your items before purchasing it. Carousell is safe to use!

In fact, when you sign up as a Carousell member, you are buying from your fellow community, supporting each other in the process, no matter for those who are selling or buying pre-loved items. I can sell of my old camera at Carousell too!
Looking for cheap camera? Head over to Carousell now! 
I've found the offer of Sony RX100 III on Carousell is pretty awesome, let's shopping! 
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