A Sweet Raya with California Raisins and Raisin-Inspired Dishes by Chef Rohani Jelani

June 10, 2017

Good nutrition is the best approach for preventing diseases and being healthy, nutrients are the nourishing substances we must obtain from food and fruit. 
Raisins, though small, but don't be underestimated for their health benefits. 
In conjunction with the Hari Raya festive season, the Raisin Administrative Committee (RAC) has introduced an array of nutritious and delicious recipes using California Raisins.
Aptly named "California Raisins Raya Manis", these recipes are aimed to inspire a sweet and healthy Hari Raya in aspects of creating sweet home-made culinary delights to serve your beloved family and friends during the Hari Raya festive season. Do you know that raisins are great to munch or snack on especially for children? I am the one who love to eat raisins so much since the childhood. 
More than just an appetising delight, raisins are a great source of nutrition which is suitable to incorporate into meals amidst rising health issues due to unhealthy diets. It is indeed a healthy snack with natural sugar and a sugar replacement for many recipes in cooking/ baking. Hence, this tiny fruits used widely for dishes, cakes, pastries, also becoming more popular as consumers are becoming more adventurous in their culinary experimentations. 
In the California Raisins event, Chef Rohani Jelani showcasing her several unique and tasty sweet savoury festive home-made dishes with the cooking demonstration. Chef Rohani said that California Raisins are great gems to inspire her repertoire as raisins are nutritious and versatile for many kinds of dishes, pastries and desserts. 
Rohani's recipes are as below :
Savoury Nasi Kunyit "Cakes" with California Raisins
Sambal with California Raisins and bunga kantan
Creme Caramel with California raisins
Bubur Cha Cha with California Raisins
Kuih Lopes with California Raisins 
Besides of the cooking demonstration, it is also my first time to join the 'Bloggers Cooking Challenge' as we battle it out in a friendly cooking competition by using California Raisins as base ingredients to win the attractive prizes up to RM1200. 
Aliza, Aunty Lilly, Miriam and me 4 persons in a team, 'Raisin Soul Sisters' is our team name. 
I am a cake designer so i decided to make Apple Blueberry Raisin Crumble with my own recipe which inspired by apple crumble recipe, i believe blueberry will make the dessert's taste more moist and flavourful. =) 
Ta~daa~~ This is our dishes "East Meets West Raisin Combo"
Including Apple Blueberry Raisin Crumble and Fried Cauliflower with Raisins. 
Thanks God! We were the champion of the challenge and won the grand prize RM1200 woohoooo! 
 1st Runner-up dish
 2nd Runner-up dish
Other participant's dishes
Sharing is caring, i am going to share my recipe with you all. =)
My Apple Blueberry Raisin Crumble is very easy to make, even though you are newbie in baking! Trust me, it's so delicious that you can't stop eating, and your kids will love it! 
We had so much fun in this challenge, congratulation to other winners too! Thanks for having us. 

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