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June 28, 2017

Are you always looking for a nice restaurant that can fill in your stomach but also offers happy hours, with wonderful music and good vibes surrounding? 
When you visit MOVIDA Kitchen + Terrace, please make sure you bring your appetite because this is the place that could pop in for a cheeky drink and end up eating the full tasting menu, also a guaranteed good time.
You are sure to find a feast that fits your mood here from prime steak to fresh seafood, from Asian to 
European flavors, from big breakfasts to divine desserts.
Luxury and contemporary interior ambience which creates a strong first impression, stylish design transforms the daytime feel of cosy and relaxed into happening in the evening and then turn to ultimate nightlife, the line between restaurant and bar has gone from a little fuzzy to indistinct. 
The outside patio makes MOVIDA perfect for socializing with friends or family where their friendly staff will always greet you with a smile serving. 
Seafood Bisque    RM18.80
This creamy and rich seafood broth, chocked full of seafood and serve together with crispy garlic toast, topped with a mixture of tomatoes and parsley for a burst of freshness. It's great as an entree to warm you up from the chilly air.
Ebiko Fried Rice  RM21.80
Sometimes, Chinese fried rice is too boring. To indulge, Movida's version is adding Ebiko (shrimp roe) to instantly turn a simple fried rice to superior fried rice, serve together with prawn sambal and fish crackers. Such a hearty meal with the golden hues from lots of Ebiko on top, feel the happy oomph from the crunchy shrimp roe in every mouthful! 
Monster Breakfast   RM24.80
Movida offers quality food in big portions that worth the value. This Monster Breakfast features scramble eggs, baked toast, beef bacon, chicken sausages, turkey ham, hash brown, baked beans, tomatoes, sautéed mushrooms and onion. Make sure each can also give you an entire day's worth of calories in a single meal.
Char Grilled Lamb  RM23.80
Char grilled slices of lamb to maintain a great crust, moist and flavorful, tender meat. Garnished with sweet potato chips, watercress and mint jelly, sweet and savory flavors burst in your mouth. Everybody loves this soul-satisfying goodness of this particular surprise.
Salmon Papillote   RM25.80
Baked the salmon with garden vegetables in a parcel to keeps it beautifully moist and full of flavour in its own marinade, drizzled with a luscious white wine sauce. 
Salmon is one of my favorite types of fish, love this simple yet delicious salmon dish and the white wine sauce adds an extra-special touch to this healthy dish.
Clubbers Platter   RM42.80
This sumptuous platter will feature crispy Norwegian cold water baby prawn, salted egg chicken wing, crispy mushroom and chargrilled squids. My favourite is chargrilled squids, so flavourful. 
Flaming Bean Can Chicken RM35.80
Chef served the food in one of the most creative ways he could, this one literally is the bomb! 
Featuring a barbecued whole spring chicken and set alight at the table, engulfed in flames with Vodka to give crispy yet succulent taste. 
Then chopped up and served alongside with baked beans, mushroom and coleslaw. 
The chicken came out perfect, amazingly simple and yields a deliciously juicy, tender bird meat underneath with crisp skin.
Charbroiled Steak 250gm 
Australian Grain Fed Ribeye or Sirloin   RM75.80
Seared the Australian Grain fed Ribeye with the seasoning. Then slow cooked the garlic confit with olive oil and serve together with truffle mushroom ragout and roasted heirloom cherry tomatoes.
Garlic confit is such a silky, spreadable condiment that to give any dish a makeover. Smash the garlic confit on top on ribeye and brings a meltingly tender and sweet flavour with the ribeye. 
The mushroom ragout works incredibly well with Truffle with its rich, earthy and woodsy flavour. 
The middle of the Australian Grain fed Ribeye is as red and bloody as the day it was born, it is so tender, juicy, full of rich flavour and best of all, melts in the mouth. The winning dish of the night and also my favourite too!
Chocolate Lava Cake RM15.80
Simply divine! Decadent chocolate cake with a gooey luscious chocolate centre and with vanilla ice cream on a beautiful plating. I love to eat chocolate lava, so my expectations for this tend to be too high (may be?), the cake itself is soft but not too moist, and the chocolate taste is not strong enough. But anyway, I still like to enjoy this not too rich decadent chocolate dessert.

Frankly speaking, i know most people think Movida would be good for drinks but not necessarily food, however you will pleasantly surprised by the quality of food here as Chef Pele drawing on his past experiences includes stages at at establishments such as the Equatorial Hotel, Elegantology at Publika & BLVD House, together with incorporating his own unique ideas into the menu.
Well~ this is actually not a sponsor post, this review is just based upon my personal taste. =P
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