Markets 23 by Jaya One, 17th-18th June 2017

June 18, 2017

Happy Sunday and Happy Fathers Day! 
So many amazing things are happening in this weekend, i am kinda busy for Father's day celebration, attend events, working and Raya crazy sale shopping. 
Even though i am so busy, but I will not miss out the Markets 23 by Jaya One which happening in this weekend. So, i had a lovely Saturday filled with the unique designer showcase and delicious local foods from the most happening bazaar - Markets 23 by Jaya One
This round, the theme of Markets 23 by Jaya One is integrated with Malaysian Made. I was a Graphic design student, as always i was totally blown away by the local talent, that's also the reason why i must go to Markets 23 to support our local talent because I am afraid one day it could be gone if we're keep ignore it. Malaysian Made is unique, so you can be sure you'll always discover something new at here. 
Locally made crafts and baked goods are available at this bazaar. Expect no shortage of exciting vendors ranging from affordable and quality handmade goods such as hand-drawing cards, special design bags, prints, accessories, fine art and more!
Also spoil yourself with yummy food at food trucks, homemade delicacies and coffee.
I feel so good that i can squeeze out my little time to strolling around at this bazaar, enjoy the cooling air-cond while outside was raining, mingle around with those friendly vendors and have a sip of hot coffee. 
 Have a great weekend!
    | Markets 23 |     
Date: 17 & 18 June 2017
Time: 11am to 7pm
Venue: The School by Jaya One 
For more information, visit and here.

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