The Platter by TGI Fridays, perfect for sharing!

May 15, 2016

Communal dining has been in practise for centuries, sharing a meal with others actually makes you a better person, it's such a bad news for anyone planning a lonely dinner. The sharing food concept has not only cultivated a sense of community but has extended beyond the time of eating together. Bonding effect doesn't work effectively while you plan to simply grabbing dinner with friends and ordering your own entrees, but when food is served “family style” or on a large platter meant to share, we seem to engaging with each other. 
As we know, Asian countries like us have a strong tradition of food sharing, prefer to serve food in platters for sharing purpose on the round table. To incorporate this tradition into new promotional idea, TGI Fridays introduces 2 new promotional The Platters - The Chicks Platter and The Boss! Each platter is carefully crafted with a selection of pastas, salads, and other side dishes. 
The Chick Platter
Grilled Chicken
Roasted 1/2 chicken with Tennessee sauce
Pan seared chicken thigh
Waffle fries
Garlic bread
Caesar Salad
Penne Alfredo
* sauces : BBQ sauce, black pepper sauce, sriracha cream sauce
Price : RM117.50 nett
This sharing platter is recommended to serve 4 persons, which mean ONLY need RM29.40+ per pax! so cheap!!! 

With three different cooking style, all chickens are succulent and juicy, i didn't feel it's come with dry or rough texture. Perfectly garnished with TGI Friday's signature sauces, i prefer sriracha sauce. Served with side dishes to stuffing your stomach.
The Boss
Sliced Sirloin steak
Juicy BBQ beef ribs
Lamb chumps
Corn on cobb
Potato accordion
Garlic bread
Caesar Salad
Marinara Farfalle
* sauces : Mint sauce, BBQ sauce, wild mushroom butter sauce
Price : RM249.90 nett
This indulgent sharing platter is recommended to serve 4 persons, makes an impressive dinner party starter with my favourite sliced sirloin steak and lamb chumps, so tender and juicy! I love to drizzled sirloin steak with mint sauce, incredible delicious. This platter is definitely can feed you till you explode!
My choice among these 2 platters is The Boss, well~ i love beef more than chicken LOL!
Boasting fresh and new elements to the already varied menu at TGI Fridays, The Chicks Platter and The Boss contain new additions that were crafted to bring out the soulful tastes and decadent flavours to the already present items on the menu. With its generous serving, these platters is highly affordable and be sure everyone feeling extremely satisfied. 
The Chicks Platter and The Boss will be available at TGI Fridays outlets for a limited time starting from 3rd May 2016.
Apart from these promotional platter, you can also try their Premium milk shakes and desserts. These all are not included in The Platter.

From left to right
Rich, decadent chocolate syrup, and cocoa powder blended with vanilla ice cream. Generously topped with whipped cream and drizzled with more chocolate syrup. 

Cool minty flavors of peppermint, cocoa syrup and chocolaty Oreo cookies blended with va- nilla ice cream. Topped with whipped cream and Oreo cookie crumbles. 

An intoxicating fusion of sweet black cherries and cherry jam blended with vanilla ice cream. Garnished with whipped cream and a cherry.

Dipped in bittersweet chocolate and with a luscious cream cheese center, its bright red cake crumbs and flourish of white chocolate dress it for the red velvet carpet. 

Their signature dessert. Rich, dark chocolate cake with a hot, molten chocolate sauce center. Topped off with a dusting of confectionary sugar, whipped cream and fresh berry.
 This delicious cake is coming soon, stay tuned. =)

For more info, please visit TGI Fridays website and their official Facebook

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