Dove upgrades hair range with Dove nutritive solutions for instant damage repair

May 3, 2016

Dove, is one of the world's biggest beauty brands and also is one of the famous haircare brand while you can get it in hypermarket. Hair care is seeing a boost in the personalization of its products, now there is a growing need for hair care solutions to address a variety of hair problems. Hence, Dove hair range is now upgraded to Dove Nutritive Solutions to give women the best ever hair care solutions with improved formulation to deliver instant damage repair and progressive nourishment. 

 Dove, as the hair damage repair expert, never stop to develop hair care solutions which goes deep into the cellular level for instant repair while providing long term care with long lasting results. The patented Keratin Repair Actives which is available in Dove iconic variant, Intense Repair, is now extended to Hair Fall Rescue and Nourishing Oil Care to progressively nourish and strengthen hair from within. In addition, Dove have included the Microsheet technology to instantly smooth and restore the hair surface, making hair manageable, soft and healthy looking from first wash.
If you love to change hair style, i think your hair stylist told those chemical things and heat can caused damaged hair. I dyed my hair once in 3 or 4 months time, but i can feel my hair was so dry if i didn't go for hair treatment. *hmm... i am the laziest girl because i am not gonna to use hair conditioner too even though there are different brand hair conditioners in my bathroom LOL! don't learn from me ok!* Visible signs of damaged hair also caused by harsh weather conditions and friction, my dry hair has turned like straw after i back from my 2 weeks Japan trip, it is frizzy and uncontrollable. These all visible signs are addressed in the improved formulation. Simultaneously, the formula works hard to penetrate deep into the hair fibre to restore and nourish. These Dove patented technologies that instantly target the signs of damage whilst progressively nourishing hair from within, aims to make hair more and more beautiful, day after day!
Each collection in the new Dove Nutritive Solutions range offers superior nourishment solutions that caters to different type of hair needs which includes Dove Instant Repair, Dove Hair Fall Rescue, Dove Nourishing Oil Care, Dove Straight and Silky, Dove Volume & Nourishment and Dove Dandruff Care. Each variant is designed to nourish and deliver a unique benefit to a number of different hair types.
Dove Intense Repair
Formulated with Keratin Repair Actives, it instantly repairs visible signs of damage and progressively nourishes each strand from within, making hair fortified, stronger and more beautiful, day after day.

Products : shampoo, hair conditioner, treatment conditioner, hair treatment mask and leave on.
Dove Hair Fall Rescue
Formulated with patented Trichazole Actives, that deeply nourishes from root to tips and fortifies to prevent hairfall due to breakage. The system locks hair firmly in place and progressively nourishes, visibly reducing hair fall to leave hair looking and feeling stronger and smoother.
Products : shampoo, hair conditioner, leave on serum and hair tonic. 
Dove Nourishing Oil Care
Formulated with Nutri-Oils, it progressively nourishes hair at the deepest level and with every wash, hair feels wonderfully smooth.

Products : shampoo, hair conditioner, treatment conditioner and leave on serum.

What is that? 
Dove is launching the Dove Salon that gives women the freedom to explore and be adventurous with their hairstyles without worrying about damage. Located in Monsoon-id, Tropicana City Mall, Dove Salon is a platform for women to experience the Dove Nutritive Solutions range. With this new evolution of Dove technology, Dove is encouraging women to repeatedly play with their hair as Dove is there to handle the damages.

1. Play on various trending hairstyles at 
2. Pick your hairstyle of choice
3. Go to the Dove Salon for a makeover with their chosen hairstyle with a purchase of RM45 worth of Dove products at the Salon.
4. Consumers may also have the opportunity to be selected to colour, perm or straighten their hair. During their makeover, the women who participate in the PLAY.DOVE.REPEAT. Campaign will experience the benefits of the new Dove Nutritive Range through the hair wash and treatment as well.
The Dove Salon will be available for consumers from 29 April 2016 – 29 May 2016 (one month). 

For more information on the products and Dove Salon, log on to

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