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January 1, 2015

I know...i am quite late to write this post XD
Ice cream is the latest craze to hit Malaysia recently, Magnum and milkcow. I dislike the milky creamy flavour so i choose to visit Magnum cafe. I believe that you know how crazy of peoples when Magnum cafe Mid Valley opening. Long long queue because of that sweetest ice cream, and i salute to their marketing strategy~ can get a FREE make my Magnum ice cream for the first 500 in line. It successfully make the noise thru social network which is the fastest way to promote it. Honestly, i don't like Magnum ice cream because it is too sweet for me. Their second branch is opened at IOI City Mall where just 10 minutes driving distance from my house, and i didn't see long queue there (time is weekday night), my brother wish to try it.
Magnum Cafe @ IOI City Mall is only one floor, but with indoor and outdoor. I am wondering why there are peoples queue up out there but nobody sit inside cafe? So my dad and me go inside take a seat while waiting for my brother place order. I was told by the waitress that if you are queuing out there for customise Magnum ice cream and looking for a seat, you should sit outdoor. Indoor only serve for customers who are order in menu. You can find salad/ fries/ ice cream designed like master piece in the menu.
My reaction was like " huh?! like that also can?!!"
Fine, i ordered this Magnum Trifle which i thought should be not too sweet. It's made of light cashew meringue with lots of mascarpone mousseline, huge chunks of fresh strawberries, half a Magnum vanilla bar, and fig flavored crema de duca balsamic cream.Topped with the rest of the vanilla Magnum bar on a stick, dipped in Belgian white chocolate with freeze dried strawberries and salty almonds.Since nobody tell me how to eat this, so my first bite :~ aisk!! why taste so weird?! taste like vinegar?!! After that waitress told me must mix all inside the jar before eat,but when i saw the mixture..mamamia~ i feel disgusting and it's look like vomit ><!! Of course the taste is better after mix all well but i don't feel want to eat again.It cost about RM28+
Make your own Magnum Ice cream: 
  1. Choose flavour of ice cream (vanilla or chocolate)
  2. Choose flavour of topping ( chocolate brownie or classic vanilla)
  3. Choose topping (almonds, goji berries, pistachio, dark chocolate pearls, white choco crunch pearls, dried mango and freeze dried raspberries.)
RM9.90 for basic serving.

May be i dislike Magnum, so i think the classic Magnum one which selling in 7-11 is much more better than you add a lots of topping bla bla bla on top. But for those Magnum ice cream lover, Magnum cafe must be the good place for them to explore. =)

Magnum Cafe IOI City Mall
GE-3, Ground floor, IOI City Mall Putrajaya

Magnum Cafe Kuala Lumpur
Third Floor, Mid Valley Megamall, Kuala Lumpur

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