After Black Cafe @ Sunway

January 19, 2015

After Black Cafe is newly opened nearby Sunway University, same row with Garage 51. This must be a good news for Sunway University students, a new hang out spot for them during class break =)
Sunway, it was my familiar town when in my college life. Seldom to go there again after that because it is pretty far for me, heard the foods from this cafe is not bad so I went there for my dinner on weekends night. I thought dinner time should be less peoples to have a coffee here but i am wrong, full house still! Quite a lot of Sunway students hang out here even though is weekends night, luckily i am managed to get a table without queue up ^^
What's make this cafe so special? The answer is they are serving Black Rice, the black color of rice is comes from squid or cuttlefish ink.

Cakes are available here.
Environment is warm and cozy, try imagine you are having a hot coffee at here in rainy day, aww~~ soooo comfy!
It is not good to taking picture during night time in cafe, and a lot of peoples also, i just simply "click click click" and start to eat. *hungry la!*
My favourite coffee, The Rose Latte     RM 10.90
Some of you might dislike rose latte because of rose water(ingredients of rose latte) is too strong like chemical smell,but this is good. This is the best rose latte i had, highly recommended! 
Premium Hazelnut Chocolate     RM 11.90
Grilled Chicken Chop with Black Rice      RM 16.90
Grilled chicken chop with sweet and sour pomelo BBQ sauce, served with carrots and broccoli. You can order grilled chicken chop with sweet and sour pomelo BBQ sauce ONLY (RM 13.90) OR order rice set ~ Grilled Chicken Chop with Black Rice(you can choose plain black rice or cheese baked black rice) if you are hungry like me,LoL! But i think it's worth to order rice set because grilled chicken chop is not in quite big portion. 
Beef Patty with Black Rice    RM 17.90
Beef patty with sweet and sour pomelo BBQ sauce, served with carrots and broccoli. Taste good but i do recommend you to take rice set also because beef patty is quite small. 

Price is acceptable and food is good, hardly to find a coffee shop that will serve you dinner right? Try this out =)

After Black
23, Jalan PJS 11/9, Bandar Sunway, 46150 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
11 AM -11 PM

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