Beauty Review: Shizens Lip Tattoo

January 10, 2015

Had you face this problem before?
Situation 1 : No make up and looks so sick because of your natural lip color is so light.
Situation 2 : Full make up but doesn't like to apply lip stick, bad make up.
Situation 3 : Oh god, your lip color is so dry and cracked bottom.
People always thought lip color is not important for us no matter you are make up or not, please don't! Few years back, i am this kind of people who doesn't like to apply these sticky thing on my lip until Korean make up is on the trend, everyone must have a lip stick so do i. But i only will apply lip stick when going to dinner or event, the rest of time like going to movie/ casual gathering/ shopping ,i was just apply lip balm to protect and moisture my lips. I am looking for lip balm which can moisture my lips and bring beautiful natural color on my lips, thanks to The Butterfly Project's Christmas beauty box, i got Shizens lip tattoo =) 
Shizens is a growing cosmetics and skin care company in Malaysia, Shizens offer skin care and cosmetic products produced by bountiful natural ingredients that are suitable for various skin type to resolve one skin problems and to accentuate their natural beauties.
Shizens lip tattoo is their star product.Shizens Lip Tattoo adds a spread of moisture,relieves the formation of fine lines and lighten dark pigmented lips. The most attractive is it can reveal your true lips color! Shizens lip tattoo give your lips a magical boost of natural color, gradually turn them into natural pink or rosy tones,enhancing lip color result or simply want to look effortless natural.
Without apply anything on my lips.
Apply Shizens lip tattoo on your lips evenly, you can apply it anytime or many times in a day( if you wish to keep the rosy tones and moisture your lips)
When Shizens lip tattoo contacted your lips, it revealing a burst of clear oil pinkish pigment which enhanced natural lip color for a healthy lips. It's not sticky as lip gloss, not dry as lip stick,work quite well on hydration. I was wipe my lips after meal but the pink shade is still there, thumbs up for the last long effect!
Looks! such a beautiful rosy color! I am swear that i didn't apply any lip gloss on my lips in this picture LOL!
Check out my BEFORE and AFTER. Shizens lip tattoo perfectly fulfilled my requirement as i just wish my natural looks not sick and lip color not pale that like blend in with my skin. This is a good beauty investment for yourself =)
Shizens lip tattoo retails price is RM168 (8ml).
No worries, you can get this easily because Shizens have many branches in shopping mall such as Pavilion, Mid Valley, KLCC etc. Click here for store locations
For further details, please check thru their official website:
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