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January 26, 2015

Remember my previous post regarding Party Of The Century? 
Big thanks to Empire City for invitation card, i got a pair of VVIP tickets which can access and chill out at private floor.
Empire City to hold a star-studded exclusive preview of the City of Lifestyle & Entertainment on the 23rd of January 2015 night and celebrate with Superstars from across the globe!Me and my sister were dress up nicely with themed glamorous 1920's, i was super busy on the day and got no time to go for hair-do, so just curl a little and rushing out. *yea~ i looks so tired =( *
On arrival, we were greeted warmly by two rows of beautiful 1920's ladies. Oh My! The party place is so big and we were like jump into movie world " The Great Gatsby", my dream was come true to act be a 1920's lady and enjoy this glitz night with glamorous decoration, great lighting, great foods and unlimited drinks!Empire City had hosted 6000+ guests to this soft launch party at Damansara Perdana. 
All Stars reached and had interview at red carpet. We just can't wait to enjoy the awesome performance of this evening!
2AM, the famous K-PoP group from Korea was the first artists to started the night. 2AM serenaded the crowd with their hit songs.I knew all girls were screaming shouting in their hearts, LoL! we are fabulous lady in this night, no shouting please =P  I was standing in front of stage but too bad that i didn't bring my DSLR, so the picture quality is poor when i zoom in.

Recorded 2AM performance, enjoy the videos =)
Mark Vincent is the second performer, he is an Australian tenor and won Australia's Got Talent on 2009. 
He bring us the famous song "You raise me up",we were all stunned by heard his beautiful voice,very impressed!
The following performance will be surprise you, get ready to amazed by Cait's aerial violin performance, Cait Lin is an electric violinist who doesn't play it safe(back flipping and playing upside-down at death-defying heights) and visually surreal !
Empire City management announced about development and projects on going of Empire City, The offices, hotels and serviced apartments and shopping mall are being built simultaneously and had been scheduled to be ready by year 2015.Cheers for Mammoth Empire Holdings Sdn Bhd!
Guess who is she??? I knew the picture is quite blur....haiz... 
Paris Hilton! yes here she is!!! 
She was appear on the stage after the formal ceremonial, confidently spins tuned with her 20 min DJ set. Let's start the party!
The night is still young, followed by Taboo from Black Eye Peas and DJ Ken to lights up the Party of The Century. Crowd was too overwhelming and happening, everyone is dancing!
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So excited because i can meet celebrities from around the world especially Paris Hilton, Sharon Chan 陈敏之,Him Law 罗仲谦,Eliza Sum 岑麗香! 
Photo credits to
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I felt very regret that when 2AM was performing, i was very busy to recording them. At the meanwhile, TVB celebrities were enjoy foods at our VVIP area and i miss the golden chance to take picture with them, OH NO!!!!!! Until my blogger friends told me this after half an hour when i back to VVIP area, can i bang to the wall? T_T
What a coincidence i met them(Paris Hilton, Sharon Chan 陈敏之,Him Law 罗仲谦,Eliza Sum 岑麗香) when i mingled around! But too bad they were not allowed to stop for photo session, this is the only one picture can show who is she, LOL!
 With gorgeous Fish Sze Hui.
Always happy to see you Jessica =)
Sister Yen Ni and i *super tiring face*
It was a awesome memorable night for me to mingled around with bloggers, celebrities and take picture picture and pictures! I was leaving around 11pm because need to rush my work again, the party is still happening, enjoy!
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Thanks for having me at Party of The Century ~ *
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