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January 2, 2015

The first beauty review post in 2015, not a sponsored post =)
Eyes care is a must and very important step for me, i always thought eyes can explore your ages or looks older if you are never take good care of your eyes area. All the while i was using the brand "E" and i feel pretty comfortable with it, but i always love to try new things when get bored on a product which used for few years *LOL* 
Lancome is my mother's favourite brand, so i just go and "stole" this for a try before i go and buy. Once i try it, wao~ it is not bad eh! The second day, it is in my washroom now,haha..i am efficient people when talk about beauty and shopping. I am a lazy girl, only work very hard when i got job (i can sit at there for more than 12 hours until i finish the job) , the rest i will laying on bed/ sofa hahaha!I must request all my skin care step better to be simple, fast and efficient.Growing old in age is natural, but please don't start to take care your skin when you found wrinkle on your face,oops! it is too late! 
Lancome Renergie Lift Multi Action Eye is the first lifting skin care enriched with multi-tension technology.
What's make me love to use this is Lancome Renergie Lift Multi Action Eye provides dual function : Upper part is flawless complexion like BB Cream texture(suitable for any skin tone) and a 12-hour lifting effect and bottom part is Rénergie Lift Multi-Action day and night creams, it is the ultimate lifting effect for younger-looking skin, deflates bags, smoothes wrinkles and fades dark circles. I am concerned with my first signs of aging, especially eyes area, so I tend to spend more money on an eye cream that works. It has a thick consistency, smells great and is easy to apply. Not only is it moisturizing and firming but it doesn't burn your eyes and on top of everything it takes away dark circles. Lazy people always looking for multi function in a bottle,yea it's me LOL!
Use it day and night, ONLY applicable for eyes cream.
Take out small amount from eyes cream (bottom part of bottle), apply on your eyes area. 
Massage repeatedly about 3 times for better result.
After that, apply this BB cream texture eyes cream on your eyes area.
(BB cream texture eyes cream is ONLY for day use)

That's all my sharing, hope you guys will start to concentrate on your eyes care if you don't before. Ciao~

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