Review: Rich F CUP Cookies (Strawberry flavor)

January 15, 2015

Are you headache on your body figure especially wish to wear singlet or bikini during summer/hot day? Please don't think goes for plastic surgery ok! There are always another solution for you before have to choose the extreme one. 
Have you heard about F-Cup Cookies? F-cup cookies help to promote growth of mammary gland and increase the fat composition of breasts. They are tasty, low calories and nutritious with 8 essential amino acids to help maintain balanced diet, in simple terms - maximise your beautiful breast by nature (huh? seriously so easy?).
 It's been quite a while since they launched and immediately become latest craze in Taiwan,Japan and Singapore, it had sold over 4.5 million boxes in Japan *Wooah!*. Famous beauty talkshow was recommend this before,now they improved and newly launched the new flavour ~ Rich F-Cup Cookies Strawberry in Malaysia.New Rich Fcup Strawberry cookies made with 2 times more Puereria Mirifica than the ordinary Fcup cookies, give you double the effect of breast enhancement. 
I’m not entirely happy with what i have been endowed with, i am typical surfing board body shaped and it will be great if can gain a cup size (i am not greedy right?XD ), so i won't be look like a bamboo walking around hahaha! (too slim )
Hmm.... as a smart consumer, i know you might think is this work? this is only cookies what?! please continue reading and you will know...
What is the secret behind?

Pueraria Mirifica
What is this????? 
This is the secret ingredients of Rich F-Cup Cookies.

  • Pueraria mirifica also known as Kwao Krua (but not exclusively), is a plant found in northern and north eastern Thailand and Myanmar.
  • Great composition of Isoflavones with nutrients 40 times richer than soybeans.
  • Rich in Miroestrol and Deoxymicroestriol.
  • An excellent natural supplement that relieves menopausal symptoms. 
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No worries, you can check out nutritional information and ingredients on the box,there are 15 sticks Rich F-cup cookies in a box. Fcup cookies doesn't have any side effect (unless taking incorrectly), Japan's Ministry of Health and KKM has approved and proven the ingredients as a NON-Harzadous health food.
Beware of imitations! Buy only with GOLD LABEL STICKER.
94 kilocalories per piece ONLY
Well, this is Fcup cookies, thickness and soft with a little of dried strawberry. Fcup cookies taste like floury and mild strawberry scent, not milky and no sweet, unexpected this type of cookies taste not bad huh! All Fcup cookies pack individually, so it is very convenient for you to bring it out and have it anytime.
Consume 1 piece of cookies a day with plenty of water. As the cookies absorbs water, it swells and gives a feeling of satiety. You can eat this when you feel hungry but on diet, please take note [ DO NOT take excess Fcup cookies in a time to avoid symptoms of hormone imbalance.]
My review
 I had finish a box (eat one per day in 2 weeks time) and my breast size is not Up Up, but firmer than before. I love to be firmer!! you know...age is growing and can feel the power of gravity already hahaha! Taste is alright for me but just a bit floury. 
From their information, every individual reacts differently to supplements. Some may see immediate result in 3 weeks while others may take longer. You can stop to eat this once you have achieved the body figure, but it is advisable to consume for at least more than 2 months.
  • DO NOT consume during pregnancy, breastfeeding and menstruation. 
  • DO NOT eat if you are allergic to any ingredients of Fcup cookies.
  • DO NOT put the cookies under the sun or damp place.

It helping us to become more feminine, confidence and beautiful. Why not give it a try? 
You can grab this from SaSa Malaysia, Price : RM 118 per box.
For more details, please visit
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