Ciao 2014

December 31, 2014

Time goes too fast, today is the last day of Year 2014, unbelievable it is! There must be one topic to be discuss in your year end dinner/ gathering : " what's your new year resolution? " It's good if you well planned it, have long wish list to achieve but i am not. I never do this, so same for next year too. I dislike to follow and plan for my life.Million different type of peoples and i just the one who have no resolution, don't be surprise ok! I will be very upset if my new year's resolution have gone unresolved, but it doesn't mean i don't have a dream =P 
Year 2014 is my bittersweet year, i would so appreciate that my life before is always going quite good , all challenging can be solve easily until this year... I was in the darkness most of the time in this 6 months, i was lost, i don't know who am i... but i managed to go through this darkness and challenges. Thanks god! i am so lucky to have friends with me when i was lost. *hugz* Since i was quit my job, seriously i got not many friends LOL!
Between, 2014 was not bad at all. At least, i become a blogger (before that i just simply simply write what i thought) , i were getting very busy in my 2 online bakery business (human cake and dog cake), travelled to Korea/ Taiwan/ Bangkok. I feel thankful still when looked back what i did in 2014 which actually not tough as others.Thanks to my parents to allow me chasing my dream (worked at home for cake business),from a brand that nobody know,income can't afford my expenses.Day by day my bakery business is growing up and stable, thanks for support.
Next year, i gonna have my cake teaching classes, going back to OL life. I believe next year will be my awesome year, and you also. We learned from what we did, we have to become stronger from mistake, we have to appreciate what we had now. Life is full of excuses if you're looking, we have no time to gripe over misfortune,don't waste time looking back.Just keep being true to yourself, if you're passionate about something go for it. Don't sacrifice anything, just have fun.
2015 must be better than 2014, i believe. I am looking forward to this new year!
Tomorrow is the first blank page of a 365 page planner, write a good one. Happy New Year, my dear readers. 


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