How to celebrate my Christmas 2014

December 30, 2014

Merry Christmas to all of you! 
Yea~ i knew it's over LoL! i was send warm greeting via my Facebook and Instagram if you guys are following me =) 
How's your Christmas? I hope it will bring happy memories and joy to you all. 
Me? This is my first lonely christmas after long long years, the festival holidays seems to amplify the cons of single life but it's not a big deal, because...

hahaha! i am not stress over on my status in this season, instead i would like to embrace my freedom with my family,BFF and bloggers. Sorry i am not kind of person who dumped myself into grief and go through over and over again, i picked myself up and looked for the fast track to heal. Honestly, i feel a little down because not used to it.No worries, i had wonderful celebration in this festival season.
Seems like it's a must to take picture with Christmas decoration during Christmas. XD
My Christmas nails.
Round 1
Celebrated with my best friends at Nosh restaurant,Bangsar. We were not going to have gift exchange session so i suggested dress code (red or white), at least we can shown "yes we are celebrating Christmas!" LOL! p/s: obviously someone is totally forgot about dress code, guess who~
Elynn bring us a sparking wine, taste is so good *thanks Elynn, muacks!* 
Corkage charge is RM25.
Stuffed crab and spaghetti    RM 36
Spaghetti aglio olio with pieces of garlic and chill zing, served with stuffed crab. 
Spaghetti Marinara     RM 38
Seafood delights of prawns, mussels and squids cooked in tomato sauce.
Beef Tenderloin , i ordered this in medium rare but it is not tender enough and the taste is just so so. 
Hamburger Steak   RM 42 ( it is beef)
O' Xmas tree
I could said this : Oh My God Xmas tree. It was out of my expectation, taste bad =( i couldn't recall what is in this plate but i knew all of us dislike this. friend recommended this restaurant because she wanted to try this, disappointed...Besides of this, we had a great night! agree my friends? 
Round 2
My first time to attend bloggers Christmas dinner gathering. This private dinner gathering held by The Butterfly Project at The Apartment on 23rd Dec, dress code is Christmas so i wear ang ang (red red) LoL! Actually i only knew few of them, and i am not a social butterfly so just keep quiet sitting there, only managed to take few pictures. Until the ice breaking session, broke my iceberg LoL!
Christmassy decoration, i can feel it's Christmas!
Picture credit to The Butterfly Project & Kawi Studios for use of images
Butterfly Christmas beauty boxes were given out to all of bloggers to review.
Picture credit to The Butterfly Project & Kawi Studios for use of images
 With Janice
With Valerie 
More than 50 bloggers here to celebrate Christmas!There are games session, ice breaking (i got my lovely Happy Chrysalis team), gift exchange session. So happening and i was so glad to know all of you, nice to meet you all! Thanks to The Butterfly Project for having us in lovely night. =)
Round 3
Christmas is my busy day because busy to delivery out all the cakes for celebration, so headache! Simply celebration with my family at restaurant nearby my house, we don't take picture so Princess V and Golden Dou Dou representing us hahaha!
Round 4
 Celebrated with my BFF, we do prepare gifts for each others. Gift wrapping by me, there are my DIY X'mas tree on gift box, nice not? (must say nice ok! )
I was attending food review before dinner, so got to wear casual but nice. 
| ZARA tops | ZARA red heels | Skirts from Bangkok |
This is our dinner place, Beato steakhouse @ Publika. 
Upon seated, the friendly waiter placed a blackboard in front of us. We were so curious that what is on the blackboard, it shown the types of steak cut and weight available that night. After you made a choice then just refer back to their menu for prices.
They are specialised in dry-aged steaks. I didn't bring my camera that night so all pictures are taken by my iPhone 5. Sorry for the quality ><!
Fresh bread rolls with salted butter and olive tapenade.We all love the breads,crispy outside but softer inside.It is soooooo delicious! 
Rack of lamb, seasoned with breadcrumbs, so tasty!
Sauteed mushroom.
Mashed potato.
The Salmon.
We had second round with Strongbow apple ciders after dinner.
Love ya my babes!
2 more days countdown to New Year 2015. What is your new year resolution?
No matter how many in your resolution list, just go and try it if you wish for a change / chance. Time doesn't wait, if you think your decision is correct, just do it!
No matter how hard the past, you can always begin again. New year is a new beginning and things will change. Guys, don't hide in your dreamland anymore! 
Happy New Year 2015! 
* in advance * wink~


  1. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

    1. Happy New Year Choy Peng , I can't forgot your singing so nice =)


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