Head-to-toe Black

December 26, 2014

Black is not my favourite, i can't find more than 5 black items in my wardrobe. May be because of growing older hahaha may be because of black is the main colors of this season, i was starting to bring in black color into my wardrobe. Ain't bad for a black, in the words of Yohji Yamamoto, "Black is modest and arrogant at the same time. Black is lazy and easy -- but mysterious."Black is the universally classic color of fashion and it can pairs with everything,wearing all black does not equal fashion boredom or even style laziness. In fact, it inspires you to be more creative with your choices to put together a unique outfit. I was wearing this outfit to attend an event that requested we must wear in black, my blogger friend said i am looks like Tifa in Final Fantasy, so costume looks LoL!

When i choose to wear in black, i would like to wear head-to-toe black, it's look chic, sharp and powerful, right?
Add in with interesting accessories. Bold, colorful jewelry becomes the statement piece of your outfit. For me,i just need to match it with my red lips color or wear neon color accessory, my outfit is powerful. Be a black chic lady ok? =P
| Nutcase x Dreamer necklace | ZARA leather skirt | ZARA ankle boots | G Shock Mini watch |


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