Fun in Korea : Seoul Day 5

May 1, 2014

Seoul Day 5.

Brunch : Ginseng Chicken Soup
Will you think this is too heavy as a brunch? LoL!

We went to 土俗村参鸡汤 (sorry i can't search any English name for this >< )
This is the most famous Ginseng Chicken soup restaurant in Seoul. If you google it, you can see a lots of recommendation about this and must be long long queue. 

We are very lucky because we don't need to queue. Please come early to avoid long queue.

Don't worry of language problem, there are few Chinese working there. They will give you a small menu with 4 or 5 choices. 
We were 2 persons sharing a pot of soup, ordered black chicken soup (山篸培养根乌骨鸡汤) , 28000 won. The little white cup is Ginseng liquor, you need to put into your soup,because the soup is quite tasteless without this. Black chicken is filling with glutinous rice. 

Don't need to eat too full because you need go to Sinsa Dong for tea time! There are all unique coffee cafe along whole street.

Direction to get there 

Take subway to Gyeongbokgong station, exit 2.
Go straight until GS25 mini mart at your left, turn your left. 

GyeongBokGong is a royal palace, about 5-10 minutes walking distance from Ginseng chicken soup restaurant.
Entry fees - 3000 won per pax.

Twins in the palace XD
We purposely wear same clothes LoL!

Super excited when i found this beautiful cherry blossom when i go washroom, photography session automatic start! LoL

Selfie, let me take a selfie! 

We saw this pretty girl is in photo shooting progress, but all of us don't know who is this . hehe...we didn't watch korean drama or listen korean songs except doo ming joon.
Can someone tell me who is this pretty girl?? 

Yeah! Our teatime !
Beans Bins Coffee at Sinsa-Dong. But FYI, you need to walk about 30-45 minutes from Gyeongbokgong!

Actually Beans Bins Coffee is a speciality coffee cafe chain like Starbucks, but their waffles is the famous one and this branch is a korean bungalow style with 3 levels. 

Ordered their season limited edition mango waffles, taste is superb nice! but it cost 15000 won. 

An Yeong! 
Traditional Korean Costume at Insa-dong.

Red Bean cake in Shit shape. ==!!!

Ssamziegil at Insa-dong.


Supper, fried chicken and beers.
I love this super spicy fried chicken!

It located few shops next to Rotiboy MyeongDong, actually there are few fried chicken shops, try your luck ok? =)

Day 5 ended.
To be continue...

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