Beauty Review : Neogence Pore solution series

May 26, 2014

I always feel headache about my blackheads and blemish on my face, my skin type is combination skin, T zone (nose, forehead and chin) always is the oily one. To remove my blackheads, usually i only go for this 2 solutions : 
- Going to facial at beauty salon ( Pain level : ****/ 5 stars)
- Using peel off mask for nose ( Pain level : NO)
BUT, if i am using peel off mask for nose, it will makes my pores bigger, No pain No gain right? 

Last Tuesday, i was attending an event of Neogence new product launching. It was awesome because the new product is to remove blackheads without harming my skin effectively!

SaSa is the organiser. 

Dr. Xie 谢博士 from Taiwan Neogence.

The new products of Neogence.
Neogence is a famous medical beauty specialist originated from Taiwan since year 2005. 
In the past several years, mandelic acid has become immensely popular because with a proper time and frequency of usage, blackheads can be effectively reduced. Nevertheless, mandelic acid functions through increasing the metabolism of surface skin cells to achieve effective results in whitening and blackhead removal.However, a long term usage of highly concentrated mandelic acid may result in peeling and thinning of the skin, as well as increased vulnerability and sensitivity.

Neogence the R&D team ( which is comprised of dermatologists, doctors of biomedicine, and pharmacists) found an answer in overcoming the problem of eradicating blackheads without harming or stimulating the skin.

Dr Xie show us the correct direction of "deep pore cleansing mask"
  Apply a proper amount. 

Excessive oil is absorbed.
Neogence deep pore cleansing mask combines natural clay and charcoal powder that effectively absorbs sebum, removes dead skin cells, cleanses pores deeply and reduced heads naturally.

Neogence Extremely off-heads serum pH5.5, hydrophilic glycacid effectively and deeply dissolves heads and blocked pores completely. This formula is suitable for sensitive skin, with pH5.5 which functions effectively at avoiding the uncomfortable conditions caused by dry skin problems and outside irritations. 

This is a experiment for pH testing.
Drop few to the pH paper from brand X and Neogence "extremely off-heads serum pH5.5" . 

This is the result, Neogence is in the neutral pH5.5 , it is suitable for all type skin included sensitive skin.

This is another experiment for Neogence anti-blemish treatment gel.

Oil represents as your skin oil.
Apply oil on 1 part of your hand.

and apply Neogence anti-blemish treatment gel at another part. 

Put oil control paper on top, and here is the result. Anti-blemish treatment gel can absorbs oil of your skin.

Thanks for the door gift and now i can remove my blackheads with no pain and no harm, LoL! 

You can use "deep pore cleansing mask" once a week, if your skin is really so so so dirty, you can use more than twice a week. 
* Remember go to clean it when dry, it is not good to let it be for long time on your skin" 

After that, use Extremely off-heads serum pH5.5 . 

Say goodbye to your strawberry-like blackheads infested nose very soon. LoL! 

" There are no ugly women in the world, just lazy ones" 

You can grab Neogence products from any SaSa outlets.

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