Hello Taiwan, Day 1 & 2

May 19, 2014

Time goes fast, 3 weeks after my Korea trip and here i go to my another trip again. I am really afraid to take flight, seriously honestly sincerely! So, i don't think i will become super girl and fly again in this year (actually this year lesser trip if compare with last year,but i felt so tired may be i am old?! wtf ) , i don't even want to think about the airport now. ==!  aisk!

April 2014 - Korea
May 2014 - where???

I am going to Taiwan!
It's about more than 6 years i didn't visit Taiwan again, and this time i go with my family so i am the trip planner. Awwww.....hate it! 

But i have to do it...research research and research... booked driver and hotels...
I can't find the spark through this trip anymore...ZzZzzZzz 

8.5.2014 , Taiwan trip begins.

Superb cute fatty flying figurines are welcoming me in the lobby. OMG! you makes me happily!

This is my hotel in Taipei. I am definitely love it!!!
Westgate hotel(永安栈), where located at very convenient location, subway station is just next to it, the most happening streets in Xi Men Ding(西门町) is behind of it . Regarding my driver said, it is the most expensive hotel in Xi Men Ding, hmm... may be...but the rate is actually not too high ( NT 6800 per night for 4 peoples a room) If you stay at Singapore or Hong Kong, i don't think you can get this rate in such of this nice room LoL!) I was appreciate that Westgate hotel is upgraded my room to the premier one. * Hurray!!!* 

My bedroom, so spacious and with a great city view!
Nowadays the most concern thing before people book a hotel is " WiFi available? " LoL! I am one of them.
So, don't ask me again is this hotel with WiFi ok? =P

Separate bath and toilet area.

Hmm...I didn't capture the toilet picture, but it is so touching to have a commode with a lots of control elements (anus washing, bidet washing, seat warming and deodorization) like in Japan .

Mini bar counter.

Pineapple tart and mineral water are complimentary. 

阿宗面线, the most popular snacks in Xi Men Ding and it just 3 minutes walk from my hotel.

Our dinner at Tripodking steamboat. (鼎王麻辣火锅), one of the very famous and celebrity's favorite steamboat restaurant in Taipei. 
Their soup is expensive,can't really remember how much but for our 2 flavours soup, it's about RM65, price of other side dishes is reasonable. But i don't care because it is soooooo yummy!!! 

The day i reached in Taipei is afternoon, and we just strolling around 101 Tower and shopping centre then we back to hotel and take a good rest .

Day 2,  first stop at Shifen (十分老街). 
I got not only flight sick but car sick also, i thought we are going to all destination by using freeway/highway, too bad i was wrong,totally wrong! I can't even go to Genting, and the road to Shifen is more winding. Don't be surprise of my face is suddenly turn fair in these pictures, it's really make me feel so sick. =(

What to do in Shifen? 
The famous activity here is release the sky lantern (放天灯) with your bless, so it might be dream comes true. There are not popular until it appear in the movie "You are the apple of my eye" (那些年,我们一起追的女孩).
Raining day, to capture the prettier picture, we don't wanna take umbrella LoL!

Hope our dream comes true!

Actually Shifen is only an old street, this is the special scene that a train route in the middle of street.

Shifen waterfall (十分瀑布), 20 minutes away from Shifen old street.


Ok, couldn't take at least one better picture with waterfall scene. Ishhhh!!!

Jiufen (九分老街)

I don't like to eat Taiwan food, can't accept their taste just like korean food, too sweet too oil or everything is too over LoL! It's my personal problem ok, so when i strolling around those old street, i get nothing. Fried mushroom (炸杏鲍菇)is the only one of my favourite. 

This is the famous spot in Jiufen , long queue here.

101 tower.

Dazzling cafe.

We were order those signature dessert in Dazzling cafe, taste is good! ( i am still prefer the thick toast in Seoul, hehe )

Day 1 & 2 ended.
To be continue...


  1. Hello.. The hotel looks great! Am contemplating to book this hotel too.. Care to share which room type you booked?

    1. Hi Miss Low, yes this hotel is great with awesome location too, the room i stayed is premier dual queen


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