Abah & Sons Co Motocafe, the awesome one!

May 27, 2014

Abah and Sons cafe, located at Lake Field, Sungai Besi. This is a Motor themed cafe, it's full-filled by a lots of Lambrettas and Vespas. 

It's actually open by my friend and French married couples and their Lammy gangs too, filled with vintage motorcycle paraphernalia. My friend said they wanted to make here looks like a workshop & garage, so the tables are simple and the seats are metal barrel and biscuit barrel.
Don't worry about the metal barrel seats, they cleaned it and polished the edge so it's will not hurt your butt. =P
* Please respect their idea because these all things are not came from garbage, they bought it. *

Honestly, may be you won't going in if you just pass by this cafe, this is a treasure! 
All Lammy are their collection and it is real, Lammy as picture above (brown colour) cost about RM30-40k my dear! 

Wall art by art student, they might change design every couple of months. 

The original "BSA" vintage signboard was bid from Ebay and cost about few thousand. (OMG!) and i like that Esso but he said don't know how his partner get this. I think...it should be pricy also LoL!

A jukebox and it is still work. =)

The most surprise us is this wall decoration, yea...it's looks nice with lammy and helmets but when i heard the cost, really shocked us!
100k ++ 
Oh My Godnesssssss!!!
My friend is working in security & CCTV company so he don't afraid about security. ( Sorry i really can't remember the security name that he used, but heard like the best LoL!) 

They are still building something and working on their improvement in this cafe. 
Sometimes their friends will organise a live bands to chill out in Abah & Sons , they always have some awesome ideas to surprise you. =) 

Regarding the food review, i have to visit again for this because me & my friend was just done our brunch before went there so we just ordered coffee and this chocolate cake . I don't like to eat too sweet or too "chocolate" cake, but this is nice seriously! 

My friend recommended that motorcycle shaped chocolate dipped into milk, cheesecake and all day breakfast of eggs with serving smoked salmon and avocado.
Definitely i will try it out in one day =)


Abah & Sons co Motocafe is a nice place with nice peoples, you should go and visit this no matter it is for the decoration or foods, i am not helping to promote but it is truth !

Abah & Sons Co Motocafe
62A, The Trillium, Lake Fields, Jalan Tasik Utama 7, Sungei Besi, Kuala Lumpur
Open 10am-10pm, except Tuesdays



  1. Love themed cafe, especially this one because I am a fan of Vespa, hoping to own one someday! Must visit this next time when I am back to Malaysia. Looking forward to your food review! =)

    1. Yea you should love this =)
      food review was updated but...i forgot those prices LoL!
      Thanks for reading


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