Princesses trying out new swimming pool, Let's get wet!

May 18, 2014

I was travelling to Korea last month and raining everyday until i went to another trip again in this month, water rationing problem is the one of reason that cause them can't go for their favourite activity ~ swimming. They usually go out weekly, but now need to see the god see the water ==!!!
" Can't wait ... can't wait... we want to go out for swim!!! "
I can hear this from their pity puppy eyes LoL!
I bring them go for swimming after a day i back from my trip, no matter i am not feeling well or the weather is not good too, let's go splash!
Yea... we went and try every swimming pool for dogs, and this is the latest and newest one =)
Location is good for us because it is just located at Old Klang Road where is the nearest to us. It is so spacious and my princesses are run and explore everywhere happily. 
This is the pool, it is designed to be like human swimming pool, but as they said in their poster : human style sea salt pool and france filter system, so don't worry of your furkids will get allergy or sensitive after swim? By the way, i always on doubt of poster slogan but dare we must go to have a try. XD
Princess V is sensitive skin and Golden Dou Dou is super sensitive skin, let's try it!
Well, your furkids don't need to jump into the pool but there have staircase build into pool. I am serving my princess Dou Dou go into pool , she is the most princess sickness, haizzzz......
While i serving my princess, another samseng princess was strolling around but doesn't want to swim. (she hate swimming)
Follow me go everywhere but still don't want to swim ==!
There are 2 or 3 coffee table and seats for furkids papa and mummy take a break.
Before swimming, please let's your furkids go to wee wee or poo poo, they always do when in the stranger place.
Ok, finally throw princess V into pool.
Furkid's shower corner.
Golden Dou Dou is the prettiest model in swimming pool.
and my Princess V...hmm....hmm..... i am trying to took a beautiful picture for you honey~~~ 
Usually we go to swim, the owner will tell if we have to share the pool with other dogs when we make appointment, but this is not.
Slightly feel comfortable with this because what if the other one is bringing few big dogs and we have no enough space to swim? and Golden Dou Dou scare of dog, she doesn't want to swim if make her fear of it. That day when another dogs join in, both of them only want to swim in this half of pool. We are very friendly and likely to join and know new friends but before that should give us a choice right?
She loves to swim.
Luckily the rain poured down after shower. Blowing / drying corner is in the room.
They give us sandwiches and coffee( for human) and pet sushi for my princesses, i don't know how's that sushi taste like because Golden Dou Dou don't eat at outside and Princess V always is the schnauzer typical type, she can swipe it all into her stomach, the one thing i know is she get dirty again after eat this because of sushi rice, LoL!
Here the end of our fun day.
I am not promoting this place but only share with yours.
Please be polite and do ask me first if you want to share or copy my both princess's pictures.
This is the swimming pool website : 


  1. Hi, can I know the address of this place?


  2. Hi Shirley, it is located at Old Klang Road, this is their website

  3. This is a fantastic idea, I've never seen a pool dedicated for dogs but now I have! My Cocker spaniel would love to have a play in one, will certainly keep my eyes open now. Your Furkids look very content as well, which says a lot to about the quality of the pool.

    1. Thanks for reading my blog, Bernice :)
      Hope you can find a nice pool for your cocker spaniel and have fun together, their life is short so try our best to let them enjoy as much as possible. ^^


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