Fun in Korea : Seoul Day 6

May 6, 2014

Seoul Day 6.

Nothing much to say, my friends planned to go Sinsa for tea, go to Express Bus Terminal Underground shopping Center GoTo Mall for shopping. This is very big underground shopping street and selling much more cheaper than Dong Dae Mun!

Take subway to Express Bus Terminal,  exit 8-1 or 8-2, walk straight for 5 minutes, then you can see that shopping street.

After whole day tea and shopping, we went to Banpo Bridge at Banpo Hangang Park to see Moonlight Rainbow fountain . We reached there at 7pm but the rainbow fountain is start at 8pm, Oh My God! the weather is getting cold and colder, look at us! like zombie ><!!!

Between, there are some fried chicken deliveryman strolling around there for business, if you want to order , go for it and you can get your fried chicken very soon and enjoy that rainbow fountain. =)

sorry, really feel very cold and me and my sister not gonna to move forward for better photos. 

This is the only video i recorded using by iPhone.

Our dinner.

Happy hour : Fried chicken and Soju again!
I think that superman fatty might be artist but sorry...i really don't know who is him.

By the way, their fried chicken is taste so so only. 

Day 6 ended.
To be continue...

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