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April 30, 2014

What is this?
Looks like a factory? Art printing works (from the doorplate ?)

Alright, zoom in for you , can see anything? =P

Pulp by Papa Palheta 
It's a coffee shop! Such a hidden gem in a city =)
Check out their opening hours ok? Don't because of your monday blue and go there to release your blue, you will feel more blue LoL! ( Closed on Monday )

I don't know the background profile of this coffee shop and not gonna to write it too, i think readers will more interested on interior design / coffee/ food. =)
I am not a coffee lover, i can't drink coffee because heartbeat super fast and may be will faint if the coffee is too strong. But i loves to explore cafe with nice decoration or nice food. Pulp is a hidden cafe in Bangsar and totally different from the others. 

When i stepped in,
hmm....actually it is quite small, i think around 10 tables only. 
Look at their menu, they are serving lack of choices for coffee and food.
Please don't think of going for brunch at here, because they didn't serve any main course or heavy food, few cakes/ pies/ scones in the menu only.

I ordered a raisin scones and cold brew.
It's just not a cup of my tea, sorry >< !

Chicken Pie.

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Pulp by Papa Palheta
29-01, Jalan Riong, Bangsar Kuala Lumpur.
03- 2201 3650

* You can see that orange building (NSTP) when you are coming from Mid Valley, just follow that orange building direction and you can find it out.

Food rating : 2/5
Coffee rating : 3/5

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