Fun in Korea : Seoul Day 4

April 27, 2014

Seoul Day 4.

Went to Caffe Bene to have my breakfast, it just located same row with my hotel, walking distance about 4 minutes only. I bet all of you know this caffe since it just invited a Korean artist to grand opening in Sunway Pyramid few months ago. I am not sure it is popular or just a normal caffe in Seoul but i can see it everywhere i go and their signature Bingsu always sold out (Oh no!! i didn't try it out because every time i go, they told me its already sold out sold out! )

Self service order counter.

Different floor with different interior design. Upper floor's decoration looks like a mini library and you can read the books.

My breakfast, caramel toast. 
Quite heavy whipping cream, but i love to eat cream, LoL!
Taste good but compare with Droptop, i prefer Droptop!
Droptop is another cafe when i visited in Jeju, their peanut banana toast is superb! toast is so soft and you will wondering where is the peanut? ( already mix with toast ingredients when make it)

Tiramisu Waffle, my sister's one.

size big?!
ignore my chubby and sleepy face, was having beers and fried chicken the night before. > <!!

Ordered this, can't remember the total but it's around 21000 won. i think KL branch is cheaper, right? 
* embarrassed * i have yet go to KL branch.

Had my lunch at one small restaurant in Ewha women university area.

My crazy sister ==!

Ewha Women University.  One of the famous visit place during winter seasons. 
I didn't go inside to take picture because shopping streets where outside that university is more attractive, LoL!
Shopaholic mode is ON!

That day is quite warm, 13c. so i can wear it without jacket, but only for day time. =P

Landmarks of Ewha shopping streets, a giant shocking pink heels.

What's happening??!!
We saw crowded in front of that cafe and many body guards surrounding that cafe too. I think must be a artist but too bad we were waiting there for 10 minutes but no people comes out except body guard, we have to leaving and go for next station. *sob sob* 
can someone tell me who is there??? 

Style Nanda , Hong Dae.

A lot of peoples can't find this out, it is not located at roadside but you have to walk into alley. I don't like their cosmetic , not good to use. Went there just for their clothes and my fiends wanted to buy their cosmetic.

FYI, this is the map to Style Nanda.
Hong Dae subway exit 8, walk straight until you see CU mini mart at your right, turn in.
You can see 7-11 when you are walking at the street, when you see a coffee shop name La Main Douce at your left, turn your left and you will see Style Nanda.

Oh yea! Don't miss this Photo Booth if you are boring to waiting for your friends. It is FOC, you can take as many as you want but please make sure there are no people queue up there ok =)

After Style Nanda, we went to aA the design Museum for afternoon tea.
aA the design Museum is the coolest cafe in Hong Dae, it provides a multitude of visual, historical, and culinary experiences for you. Cafe has 5 floors and basement is still under construction. (washroom at basement). First floor is a cafe , but why it is so unique?
All of the furniture, interior items and subsidiary materials displayed at aA cafe each contain unique history to be shared with the people.
According to their website, the lower-case ‘a’ in ‘aA’ stands for ‘art’, ‘architecture’, and ‘alive’, while the capital ‘A’ is “an unchangeable value, the best a person can get.” The venue is owned by the famous vintage furniture collector Myung-Hwan Kim, who also happens to own one of the most famous Italian restaurants in Hongdae, ‘AGIO’. The coexistence of classic and modern art in the Cafe is due to his 20 years of collecting vintage furniture and ornaments from around the world, and that is why they have so many different styles of tables and chairs. Among all the unique ornaments in the cafe, what stands out most to me are the mirror balls in the middle of the hall. They were created by Tunisian designer Tom Dixon, who is also the art director of one of the most well known furniture makers, Habitat. For those interested, sales can be arranged for certain pieces of furniture and ornaments.

Second floor is closed when we visited.

My banana strawberry pancake, 12000 won.

Taste good and i am very enjoy in this comfortable lounge with all designer furnitures. =)

Seoul day 4 ended.
To be continue...

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