Fun in Korea : Seoul Day 3

April 24, 2014

Back to Seoul on day 3, Skypark III Myeong Dong is my hotel at Seoul. I like this hotel although it is a small room but bigger than my Osaka hotel, it got very nice and flexible location (just right in front of Myeong Dong shopping street and Mrt station is in front of hotel ) and touching services. 

When i reached Seoul, it is almost 3pm. No itinerary for that day but only free and easy. After meet up my friend at Seoul, we were strolling in the street.

Super long ice cream.

Long potato chips with butter and salt.
Actually you can found it at connaught night market LoL! I never try at my country but i think this is expensive , 2000 won.

Namsan Tower. 
You must know this, this is a landmark of Seoul and you can see this appear in many Korean romantic drama. Korean couples loves to go there and hang a love lock. (so so romantic)

Where is the Doo Ming Joon xi and Jeon Song Yi's love lock??? 
How can i find it in million billion locks here?
A lot of peoples are trying to find at there, LoL!

陈玉华一只鸡, Dong Dae Mun.
Sorry ,i really don't know their english name. XD
It is nice to eat when you are in cooling day, but for me, it is not enough for me LoL! 
* can i have 2 please? =P

How to go?
Map as above.
MRT : Dong Dae Mun station (421) exit 9, walk straight about 10 minutes until you see Zen Cafe at your left, turn into alley and you will see a signboard with granny picture (that is the restaurant 陈玉华一只鸡) 

Seoul day 3 ended.
To be continue...

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