Fun in Korea : Jeju Day 2

April 22, 2014

Jeju , day 2.

We planned to enjoy the beautiful cherry blossom in earlier morning. Checked weather forecast and it said this 2 days with strong wind and about 8c . >_<
I can imagine all my Jeju pictures with hair covered face, LoL!

Cherry blossom article posted before, so now continue our journey after cherry blossom. I love to eat strawberry especially from Korea because it is more juicy and sweet and of course it is cheaper in Korea . See! that strawberries are so big and looks good.

Eco land themed park. Entrance fees is 9000 won, i don't think this is worth for it because this Eco land is not completed and some parts are under construction still. 

There are only 4 words in my mind : cold! cold! cold! cold!
super duper cold!!!
I had no mood to enjoy the thing surrounding me and not even want to stop and take picture. I felt my hand is freezing.

strong wind ~_~!!!

Seongsan Sunrise Bong

4 of my friends wanted to climb up, but i can't because will easily faint *embarrassing* 
So 4 of us decided to go down . 

It is so beautiful x100!!
Oh my god, i can't take my eyes off from this sea.

"All In" (Korean Drama) church. 
I don't watch Korean drama before , so i have no idea what is this. But all of us coming is just because of this canola flower, hahaha!

Thought can take many pretty pictures but wind too strong, arghh!!!

Glass restaurant. If can, i really wish to have my lunch at there. =(

Love Land , is a outdoor themed sculpture park based on sensuality and eroticism. 
following by all 18SX pictures.
( ONLY 18 years old and above allowed , ok? =P )

Jeju day 2 ended. Gonna fly to Seoul in day 3.
To be continue....

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