Beauty Review : Lip treatment - Choosy Lip Mask

April 21, 2014

I didn't buy a lots of things in Seoul (compare with my Japan trip last year). Their price range is more expensive than Japan, so i just bought few clothes and trend coat, others are mask mask and masksssss!!!

Choosy Lip Mask, which is the first mask i bought in Seoul. I used to bought 1 piece of every mask that i interested and try it that night, and will buy more if feel good. I know some girls are not care about their lip, they just concentrate on their skin care. But sorry I am not one of them, i am always doing treatment on my lip. Lip is part of face and of course you can't ignore it! If your lip looks dry and peel off, would you think you are still pretty with your wonderful make up??? Do you really think lipstick can cover your dry lip? 

My favourite now, Choosy Lip mask.
Too bad that i only bought 10+ pieces, and can't find it here. =(

Pure Smile Choosy lip mask contains vitamin E collagen and Hayluronic acid . It is jelly mask, apply on your lips for 5-30 minutes (i would choose 15 minutes) and your lips is pumped with moisture and fine line reduce after use.
From the instruction, this can apply on your breasts too. LoL!

5 flavours to choose : peach, milk, fruit, herbs and honey.
( I am using herbs flavour) 

Love it, Feel so good!
Is this made in Korea?
Oops! it is from Japan =P 

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