Soft Snug Seamless Hot Pants, 4X faster in fat burning

June 2, 2018

I know, some of you don’t want to look in that gorgeous dress, shop for skinny jeans, or peruse the aisles of your favorite store until you’re at least 1, 3, 5kg thinner than you are now.
Who doesn't want to look skinnier and rockin’ your new, sexier, more confident bod?
We’re all busy people, right? It’s hard to schedule a sweat session, you may struggling to fit in a 30-minute workout. But recently I was introduced to Soft Snug Seamless Hot Pants, it uses EPDM fabric to boost your sweat production by retaining your body warmth as you work out, but is also comfortable for movement and stretching.
Frankly speaking, slimming pants aren’t something I need because i am too slim, i just want my hips and thighs to be firmer, i am the person who don’t sweat as much (almost sweat-free) whenever I work out or walk under the hot sun. Hot shaper pants or slimming pants are on-trend these days, so i try to wear Soft Snug Slimming Hot Pant to sculpted leg look that i want.
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Using the newest tech which uses zero thread, so no more sudden ripped pant in public due to bad sewing thread. 
As a sweat booster and offer 4X faster in fat burning process.
Whatever your weight, it is easy way to look sleeker as this Seamless Hot Pants promotes flawless which shapes our body line. It gives you different stylish outlook with duo side wearing.
I started my day in Soft Snug Slimming Hot Pant during my workout or work at home. I need to sit in the kitchen and non-stop working on my fondant figurine for more than 5 hours everyday, wearing hot pant is a way to let me accelerate my body’s metabolism even though i am just sitting there, or walking around. By the time I was done my work, I could feel that my thighs sweat a lot after i take off the hot pants. If I continued to do some workout, i felt like i am sweating a ton!

Hey, sweat isn't icky or shameful. Other than slim down, sweating is good for detoxification, it is the number one most efficient way to eliminate toxins from your body. Also, it can lowers kidney stone risk and boosts Endorphins. Of course this is not a pair of miracle pants that can make you lose weight instantly, you don’t need a whole new outfit just to bang out a few push-ups and squats, but if you wear the hot pants and combine with regular workout, have a good diet and drink more water, they can add up to a significant result. 

All Soft Snug products are available at online store and Soft Snug's showroom in One City, Subang Jaya. For more information, please visit Soft Snug

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