OMM, the world’s first Lactobacillus Skincare from Korea

June 14, 2018

OMM is a "Fresh Skin Care" brand in Korea and is the world’s first Lactobacillus (Ferment) Skincare. OMM also uses water sourced from the 605-meter deep Gangwon-do sea in their full range of skincare products, supercharging your immunity and promotes a healthy balanced skin flora leading to greater absorption of nutrients. OMM cosmetics has earned an enviable reputation for marrying traditional Korean raw ingredients and processing methods with state-of-the art skincare science and technology. As the brand’s philosophy of ‘Giving Your Skin The Loving Care Of Mom’, OMM cosmetics is free of artificial preservative, artificial fragrance and artificial colours.
OMM's headquartered in Seoul, Korea. The brand now has boutiques in the China, HongKong, Malaysia and Thailand. 
Recently it just landed in Malaysia, the first flagship store opened at lower ground of Pavilion Kuala Lumpur.
According to Low Choy Yen, General Manager of OMM Malaysia, “We have spent more than 10years in skin immunity research. Our collaboration with Kolmar, an established and reputable pharmaceutical company in Korea, has successfully created the first complete line of skincare using plant-based Lactobacillus. We believe that with the combination of nature and science, our skincare products can effectively boost skin immunity yet maintaining the most natural, safe and efficacious results.”
     | What's make OMM so Special? |    
Using a special strain of bioactive Lactobacillus that mimics the natural bacterial protection of new-born babies, the Fresh Ferment Skin Care range promises to improve skin health by eliminating toxins and creating a balanced environment for healthy bacteria, enhanced skin resilience and decreased skin sensitivity. In addition, OMM also using a unique mineral balanced that mimics foetal amniotic fluids, Gangwon Deep Sea waters in all their products. It is rich in multiple mineral essences including Magnesium, Calcium, Potassium, Zinc, Manganese and Selenium. It is 16 times more effective than other deep water minerals, in that it contains inorganic minerals that are ionized for rapid absorption in order to promote skin metabolism and to balance skin’s natural water-lipidratio, leading to lasting hydration and vitality.
     | The Must-Have |      
Fresh Ferment Moisture First Essence 
Price : RM199
     | # Benefits |    
- A primer that amplifies the effectiveness of other skincare products by making your skin more receptive. 
- Blankets your skin with good bacteria to temper skin sensitivity and bolster its immunity. 
- The nano-sized ferment particles foster the absorption of nutrients directly into your skin leaving it soft, moist and vibrant.
Suitable for : dry, dehydrated, dull, premature aging skin
Apply it after cleansing and before toner, then massage evenly. Follow on with toner and the rest of your skincare products.
Personally feels not bad on this product after using a week time, it relieves dehydration with no sticky feel whilst foster the absorption of nutrients into my skin effectively.
Wing Wing Wing Renew Cleanser Gel
Price : RM149
     | # Benefits |    
- Gently remove excess oil, dirt and impurities. 
- Its Royal Jelly and Lactobacillus ingredients act as a double skin immunity booster. 
- Formulated to balance & soothe, it shields your skin from moisture-loss ensuring no tight after-wash feeling.
Suitable for : All skin types 
Dispense an appropriate amount on palm, then lather with water and massage onto face. Rinse off thoroughly. I like the soft and smooth feeling after using it as it is a velvety gel cleanser, so my skin didn't feels tight after cleansing. Bioactive Lactobacillus adeptly converts amino acids into enzymes,  leaving my skin looking plumped up and dewy. 
SPF50+/PA++++ UV Shield Moisture Sun Mist

Price : RM149
     | # Benefits |      
Safeguard your skin from daily sun exposure 
Suitable for : All skin types. Suitable to use on face and body. 
I was surprise with this ultra-fine atomized SPF spray, unlike to traditional sun mist, this is feather-light in feeling but enough to provide stand-alone protection. 
This sunscreen mist is non-sticky, best to replenish your sun protection on the go, keeping your skin healthy and young 365 days a year. 
 Fresh Pomegranate Juice Mask

Price : RM105 (included 1 bottle of 155ml and 7
A true Korean beauty ritual, this sheet mask which you drench in a serum of Fresh Pomegranate Extract is the perfect antioxidant booster to detoxify your skin. Totally have 5 different flavour for different skin concerns, includes:
Blueberry : for brighter and firmer skin
Carrot : for healthy and luminous complexion
Aloe : for glowing and moisturised skin
Coconut : for clearer and nourished skin
Pomegranate : for reinvigorates and moisturizes skin
     | # Benefits |     
The sheet clings onto your skin with a tight seal, keeping the serum from evaporating and driving in all of its active ingredients deep into your skin.
Suitable for : All skin types
It is something new and fun to me because i need to DIY this juice mask. Simple and easy, pour adequate amount of juice serum into the sheet bag, then squeeze bag to make sure the sheet is fully soaked in serum. 
 After cleansing and toning, remove sheet from bag and place mask evenly on face. 
Discard mask after 10-15 minutes and gently tap skin to absorb leftover serum. 
As a beauty junkie, i change my daily skincare routine to review this set of products. As i'm getting older, most likely is my hormonal changes that cause skin to become dehydrated and potentially more sensitive, my face always red and inflamed. The period during using these products, i found my skin slowly back in the safety zone. Apart from the best selling Fresh Ferment Moisture First Essence, the fresh juice mask and Wing Wing Wing Renew Cleanser Gel are equally good as your daily spa-class moisture treatment for clear, luminescent skin.
For the latest updates and information, visit OMM Malaysia's website, Instagram and Facebook.
OMM Flagship Store
Lot 1.32.00, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur,
168, Jalan Bukit Bintang,
55100 Kuala Lumpur.

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