WASO by Shiseido, All Things Beautiful Come From Nature

September 16, 2017

This August, Shiseido unveiled a new and completely distinctive product range to the market,
WASO by Shiseido
Ultimately, Shiseido WASO champions beauty from the inside-out. Being comfortable in one’s own skin, that is confidence. With that in mind, Shiseido Malaysia celebrated WASO with Malaysia’s first garden morning rave for millennials to embrace their natural beauty and be free to be themselves. 
This is one of the most adorable invitation goodies i received. 
As the theme of event is pastel coachella, we all have to dress up in pastel color.
The event venue was transformed into a pastel wonderland that beautifully demonstrated the key ingredients of the skincare range - carotene-rich carrot, oil-balancing loquat leaf, anti-bacterial honey, smooth-silken tofu, and ultra-hydrating white jelly mushroom. Cuteness overloaded!
The overall concept was a fun addition for the millennials. It not only featured the ingredients in a playful manner such as loquat-inspired seesaw and honeycomb-inspired DJ console and stools, but also colorful swing, trendy balloon installation and garden plants. 
The garden rave kickstarted with DJ XA firing up the decks. We were also treated with various exciting activities such as Hello WASO, Gerai Tai Tai, Hula Hoop Session, Flower Garland and Terrarium Workshop. Popcorns, cotton candy, waffles and Somersby were served too.
Jeng Jeng Jeng~~ I DIY a flower headband at the Flower Garland, how was it? 
Thanks to Shiseido for having me in this rave party and also this beautiful door gifts!
         | What is WASO |          

The name WASO originates from a combination of two words, 
“WA” - peace and harmony
“SO” - inspiration
Designed for millennials, the skincare range has been crafted with authenticity and simplicity at its core. Through WASO, Shiseido is redefining beauty, where all things beautiful come from nature. The inspiration comes from the Japanese tradition following the Washoku philosophy, which ensures the range to be created with respect for nature while harnessing the power of botanical ingredients. Each product is beautifully nourishing for skin to breathe easy, and you’re free to be you.

Carrot - Carotene-rich
Carrots are high in water and nutrients that keep skin looking healthy.
Clear Mega-hydrating Cream    RM160 (50ml)

A pure, clear cream that plumps, softens and hydrates from the get-go. 24-hour moisturizing effect that improves roughness caused by dryness. Serious nourishment under or over makeup.

Color-smart Day Moisturizer SPF 30     RM150 (50ml)
Brightening moisture for combination skin with a tint that changes color to enhance skin tone and achieve healthy looking glow. The long-lasting moisturizing effect that improves roughness caused by dryness, contains anti-pollution powder that suppresses shine while preventing pollutants from sticking to the skin. 
Honey - anti-bacterial
Honey, an ancient treatment known for its antibacterial powers, is valued as a health and beauty food in Japan. Royal jelly extract from bees contains amino acids, vitamins and minerals which are moisturizing factors. 
 Quick Gentle Cleanser     RM105 (150ml) 
A heavenly refreshing cleanser that foams without water to remove impurities and makeup, leaving the skin soft, not stripped. Contains Cocamidopropyl betaine to capture and remove unsaturated fatty acids that cause skin troubles.
White jelly mushrooms - ultra-hydrating
The kikurage or white jelly mushroom has long been treasured in Japan as food for beautiful skin. Like a sponge, it holds onto water. Stored dried, it bounces back to its plump, just-picked state when soaked.
Fresh Jelly Lotion      RM120 (150ml) 
A shot of dewy hydration that transforms from gel to lotion on skin, long-lasting moisture that maintains the stratum corneum in its optimal condition and blends quickly onto the skin, instantly refreshes and restores.
Loquat leaf - oil-balancing
A traditional and widely grown herb, loquat leaf has been used for centuries in Japan. 
There are 2 products in this range : 
Color-smart Day Moisturizer Oil-free SPF 30  RM150 (50ml) : An oil-balancing, mattifying emulsion with sun protection and a tint that changes color to enhance skin tone.

Quick Matte Moisturizer Oil-free  RM150 (75ml) : An oil-free, oil-balancing clear gel emulsion that smooths, hydrates and mattifies.
Tofu - smooth-silken 
An essential food in washoku, Tofu is made from soybeans. Lecithin, in soy, is also found in natural membrane walls. It can help to smooth and support.
Soft+Cushy Polisher    RM120 (75ml)
A skin-refining exfoliating polisher with plant-based cellulose granules in a whipped, tofu-like formula. Gently reveals fresh-looking skin and leaves it feeling smooth.

Each WASO product is dermatologist tested and non-comedogenic, meaning it addresses clogged pores. They also meet very high safety standards enabling skin to breathe easy.
WASO by Shiseido is available at selected Shiseido counters, please visit WASO Shiseido Malaysia website for more information. 

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