Indobowl @ Lake Fields, The First Indomie Cafe in Malaysia!

September 14, 2017

What do you think when i talk about Indomie?
As a Malaysian, it is almost everyone's favourite at all Mamak stalls. I am seriously cravings a bowl of Indomie with telur mata kerbau (runny sunny side up) especially during the late-night, OMG it is insanely delicious yet simple. 
What if I were to tell you that Indomie can turned into something creative something new? It is no longer as a supper but you can take it as your main course during day time, sounds amazing? If you are my reader, probably you saw my Indomie's review at USJ before, this round i am going to introduce a new cafe that is dedicated to Indomie! 
Same investor and same concept, you can now enjoy Indomie with a variety of side dishes such as beef ribs, chicken chop, sate and seafood at 
Indobowl Lake Fields Sungai Besi! 
Indobowl give this simple Indomie a bit of a twist! 
Mixed it with Indobowl's homemade Indonesian sambal, pairing it with crazy protein such as Ayam Percik, ribs, steak or lamb chops. 
What i have to mentioned here is their homemade Indonesian sambal, it is the key to complete this Indomie creation. There are currently red sambal and green sambal are available in the house, red sambal is the spicier variant while the green one being more fragrant and taste milder. It add a twist of spiciness to Indomie and the taste is incredibly good!
The Mumbo Jumbo platter comes with massive serving of Indomie, accomplished with satay, chicken chop, steak, and ribs! 
Best way to feed a group of people. 
Apart from Indomie, there are also a variety of rice dishes and Signature Fried Rice that you cannot miss out. 
Nasi Goreng Seafood  RM10
Fried rice with Indobowl signature red/green sambal served with deep fried battered seafood and fried egg. Stir up that appetite with some tangy and spicy sambal, i like it! 
 Nasi Iga  RM15
Served with braised beef short ribs with savory and sweet soy sauces, complete with shallots, onions, chilli and lime leaves.
Nasi Ayam Madura   RM12
It is a grilled Madura style chicken chop rice.
Nasi Dendeng Daging   RM12
Rice served with grilled thin slices of braised spiced beef. 
Sate Madura Chicken  RM8 / 5 sticks
Chicken sate grilled in Madura style, drenched in special mix of savory and sweet soy sauces, shallots, onions, chilli and lime leaves. 
 Sate Madura Beef  RM9 / 5 sticks
Indobowl's specialty drink - Soda Gambira    RM6
     Indobowl's Menu     
Fret not, prices here are adorable as you can have a meal within the range of RM10-RM15! 
NO PORK NO LARD menu at Indobowl, and currently on its way to being halal-certified. 
72, Lake Fields, Jalan Tasik Utama 7, 
Sungai Besi, 57000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Operating hours: 10am - 10pm daily

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