L'Erbolario Tra i Ciliegi Body Care Collection, a sensation of cherry blossom

September 5, 2017

L'Erbolario, is a leader in the Italian market in the industry of plant-derived cosmetics for natural beauty, it has a broad range of natural products for the body care. 
I love to using nature beauty body care products since 10 years ago, but of course there are lack of brand like this during that time. L'Erbolario has caught my attention when i passing by The Gardens outlet every time, but i got no chance to try it yet. To be honest, i have no idea how to pronounce the name of "L'Erbolario", LOL! 
Thanks for the invitation from L'Erbolario, i am so glad to discover the latest body care collection -
Tra i Ciliegi
The formula of Tra i Ciliegi body care range is inspired from the power of Cherry trees blossoming in majestic splendour year after year, whole collection is filled with a sensation of peace and well-being. Try to imagine you walk "Amidst the Cherry Trees" in an April afternoon, without rushing; savouring every moment, marvelling at this wonder. 
Cherry is the star ingredient of this recipe for Tra i Ciliegi body care range, L'Erbolario have “picks” its virtues from the magnificent Cherry tree, with its juice rich in beneficial vitamins, antioxidant extract, soothing distilled water and elasticising oil extracted from its seeds. A delicate and heavenly long-lasting fragrance will quite literally be the cherry on the cake! 
There are total 4 products which is shower gel, perfumed body cream, magicaction scrub and perfume.
Tra i Ciliegi Shower Gel   RM92 (250ml)
This delicate Shower gel contains the selected beautiful blossoms and divine fruits from the Cherry tree to envelop the skin in a creamy lather and leave it velvety to the touch. Also infused with the extracts of Cherry blossom and Cherries that tone and protect the epidermis, while the juice and distilled Cherry water soften and preserve the skin’s firmness.
Tra i Ciliegi Perfumed Body Cream   RM157 (200ml)
This body cream is light and nourish whilst give you a delicately Cherry blossoms scent which is why I absolutely adore this! It have a protective and toning effect on the skin alongside the nourishing effect of Coconut and Cocoa butters and Olive and Sunflower seed oils. The skin will be more toned, nourished and elastic. 
Tra i Ciliegi MagicAction Scrub   RM157 (150ml)
This special Oil-Gel, containing Italian Cherry extract and juice, seed oil and an abundance of Cherry kernel micro-granules, is characterised by an innovative texture that is transformed when it comes into contact with your hands.
To be used once or twice a week, once applied on dry skin, MagicAzione Scrub softens and turns into an ideal compound for an exfoliating massage to remove superficial impurities and dead skin cells. When the product comes into contact with water, it is transformed into a pleasant milky emulsion, leaving the skin velvety to the touch, just like the crisp April breeze awakening the skin’s dormant beauty. 
Tra i Ciliegi Perfume   RM217 (50ml)

An exquisite, floral and light fragrance reminiscent of cloudlike Cherry trees in bloom, as pure and sweet as the heart of the person wearing it.

Find out more at all L'erbolario's store : Bangsar Shopping Centre, 1Utama Shopping Centre (Old Wing), The Gardens Mall and KLCC Isetan. 
For more information, please visit L'erbolario Malaysia Facebook and Website.

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