Survival Kit When You're In KL - The Fun Way!

September 15, 2017

Picture this! Kuala Lumpur, 2017, you are here, you are new and you are bored. How will you survive this battle of the boredom? Fret not, my survivors! I have the perfect survival kit for this mission of yours!
First thing first, Shelter!
Shelter is very essential on this journey. You need to keep yourself warm and all cuddle up for new adventures in the morning. There are several choices for you such as Regalia Residence, Aira Hotel and Anum Hotel. Well, I know they are not that exclusive but, remember, we have a bigger mission in our hands - fun-hunting! So, let’s go through the candidates, shall we?
Hotel Regalia Residence Kuala Lumpur located along Jalan anjung Putra, Off Jalan Sultan Ismail, it is a one star hotel that give you the comfort you need. This is a serviced apartment that provide three types of accommodation which is the Studio Suite, the One-Bedroom Suite, and the Two-Bedroom Suite. Even though it is a one star hotel, but still gives the view of a luxurious hotel; the whole panorama of Kuala Lumpur. From the pool deck, you will get to see the majestic view of Kuala Lumpur and the open sky.
The price is relatively cheap, so you can always do your booking hotel online on Traveloka, for instance, and who knows? You might find the great price on regalia residence hotel then and there.
Aira Hotel is a two star hotel located in the hearts of Kuala Lumpur along Jalan Raja Laut. It is simple and elegant in its own way, the view is everything. You can really see the Petronas Twin Tower up close and personal. It has an approximately 65,000 sq. ft. of facilities and leisure spaces, hence, points of fun! They have four types of facilities: Bass, Tenor, Baritone and Soprano. We’re going all music mode on this, aren’t we? Anyways, each type have its own perks to satisfy your own perks. It’s a perfect match! The rate is also cheap considering how gorgeous the view you will get.
Anum Hotel - that sounds like Egyptian, don’t you think? I bet they use the whole Egypt vibe to the decorations and all. Oh, wait, they did! One step inside and you feel all Middle Western inside. The lighting itself is soft light brown, really brings in that desert view of things. It’s right on the Jalan Putra just at the opposite of PWTC LRT Station. Considering how close it is to the LRT station, transportation for adventure is all taken care of! Your mission is halfway accomplish now.
Secondly, We Need Nutrients!
To accomplish any mission, you need sustenance = FOOD! We can go cheap or we can go extravagant, take your pick because knowing where you are, you’ll find both.
Let’s say you are up for some Italiano to the taste. Hey, there are like over 140 Italian food out there that serves you the best of Italy in Malaysian plate. Such places you can check out for some pizza and cocktails are like Quivo, Prego, Sassorosso, Portofino Bangsar or even the Monnalisa Ristorante Italiano. I can’t list each and every one of ‘em here or you’ll be seeing stars by the end of this entry.
If you’re going for heavy bingeing, STEAKHOUSE, baby! We are talking about greasy meat, thick fries, sausages, mash potatoes and of course, beautifully made salads.
Hey, if you go all meat crazy without greens, your stomach is going to explode and that mission of yours? Yeah, we can consider that a goner as well. The Steakhouse, Marble 8, Long Horn Steakhouse, Meat Point or Las Vacas. They have all the meat you need, man. Bon apetite!
To The Mission!
Okay, you are well rested, your tummy is packed with energy. Now it’s time to head for battle march! Kuala Lumpur have some of the best things to do, whether you are looking for clubs, recreational activity, family fun time or cultural landmarks, they have it all. If you like fun and games, places like Breakout, Escape Room, Laser Battle, District 21, Lockdown KL, Dinoscovery, AirRider Indoor Skydiving and Flight Experience Kuala Lumpur could be a good place to enjoy yourself.
If you love nature and all about it, the Taman Jaya Park, the Titiwangsa Park, the KL Lake Gardens Park, the Botanical Gardens, Putrajaya, Lembah Kiara Park or Kepong Metropolitan Park. These places offer you the best of nature where usually the locals and tourist go out to exercise, playing kites, picnic, play around or simple enjoy the fresh environment in general.

Or may be you just want to surround yourself with crazy music, lights, drinks and just dance your heart out?
Hey, Kuala Lumpur knows you want to have fun and so, it gives you the best clubs you can drop in and shake it off. Clubs like Zouk KL, Club Kyo at Mandarin Oriental KL, Under9 KL, Play Club at The Roof, Zion Club KL or ELysium Bar and Terrace KL.
You can forget about other things and just immerse yourself in the music to really get your groove on. The main thing is, you have fun.
And there you have it! MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

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