A Taste and Feel of Hong Kong with Luk Ho Ming 陸浩明 @ Canton-i

September 11, 2017

Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) will be hosting a large-scale promotion campaign In Style ● Hong Kong to promote and highlight Hong Kong’s vibrant and unique lifestyle in Malaysia on 7th and 8th of November 2017.
For the next few months, you will see a series of sales promotion through pop-up stores, on-ground promotions and in-store activities happening in town, to let you experiences Hong Kong lifestyle elements which highlighting the design-led products, trendy fashion and culinary experiences with special offers from selected restaurants.
Hong Kong was my holiday destination almost every year, because i love Hong Kong cuisine so much that we'd rather travel to this country every year. The food culture is unique to the rest of the world with the stubbornly traditional or unselfconscious fusion foods due to its status as an international city and logistic hub, merged with its geographical location. It is a glorious food destination to some of the most food-obsessed people in the world! 
As a prelude to In Style ● Hong Kong event in November, HKTDC has invited famous Hong Kong food personality, Luk Ho Min 陸浩明 to share about the uniqueness culinary offerings of Hong Kong at   Canton-i. 
Luk Ho Ming 陸浩明 is a celebrity Hong Kong TV personality. Better known by his TV alias ‘Six Six Six’ or No. 6 (六号) , he has hosted a number of Food and Variety shows on different television networks. Malaysians should be familiar with his recent work where he is a co-host with "Fat Mum" 肥媽 Maria Cordero on a popular food programme called “Good Cheap Eats”食平D.

Canton-i as HKTDC's venue partner, Canton-i has over the years invited renowned chefs from Hong Kong and Guangzhou to prepare a wide variety of authentic dishes using the finest imported ingredients meticulously chosen to bringing the very best of Hong Kong cuisine to Malaysia. 
We were lucky to be invited to witness the cooking demonstration of Canton-i chef Yim Yu King together with Luk Ho Ming to prepare 3 special Hong Kong dishes which will be available at Canton-i from 1 October till 30 November 2017.
Double boiled honey fig soup with sea whelk and pork lean meat 
Hong Kongers love to drink soup especially famous with their double-boiled soups. This is one of the nourishing soup that i love to enjoy because this double-boiled soup contains Fig (无花果), Sea Whelk (响螺), Scallop (瑶柱), Longan (龙眼), tender pieces of Lean Pork (瘦肉), Salt (盐) and Sugar (冰糖). Sea whelk(响螺) is one of the key ingredients of this! The reason why i visited Hong Kong every year is to buy dried seafood “hoi mei海味”, sea whelk is one of my favourite and a must-buy in Hong Kong!
Placed the soup and all ingredients in a ceramic jar, sealed and then put in a steamer and goes through the double-boiling process to release the taste of all ingredients and lock in the nutrients in the soup for more than 4 hours.

The broth is clear and intensely flavoured, allowing the natural sweetness of its ingredients to shine. It is simply delicious and nourishing that the broth has absorbed all the nutrients from ingredients that are chosen for their benefits to the body. Fig is a calcium-rich food and a good source of fiber that has high content of antioxidant level. It is also an excellent source of essential fatty acids. Sea whelk and the high protein pork lean meat, provides lots of benefit to the body. 
Slowed cooked dragon garoupa fillet
Inspired by the Guangdong region in China, this Cantonese delicacy pampered our tastebud with the superb freshness of silky smooth and soft texture. 
Dragon garoupa is best-to-serve in any cooking method, because of its non-fishy scent. To improve its flavor, wolfberries are added as a natural “sweetener” to bring out the refreshing, sweet taste while providing good nutrients to the body. We adored the oh-my-goodness soft and smooth texture of the fish while the taste of the dish is enhanced perfectly with the crunchy celery.
Double Boiled Coconut with Natural Peach Resin Soup and Almond 
As we all know, coconut is a nutritious source of finer, vitamins, minerals and amino acids which hydrates the body. Peach resin桃胶 is very popular recently because it's commonly known as a natural resin secreted from the peach tree and contains rich in collagen which is almost same nutrient content as bird's nest! Slurps the smooth milk consistency sweet soup with packed of Almond flavouring, evert mouthful and the hints of coconut which is not overly sweet makes the sweet soup tastes even better, also makes you can't stop eating it. 
To savour these 3 limited-time dishes, don't forget to visit Canton-i from 1 October till 30 November 2017.
As part of the In Style ● Hong Kong campaign and further popularize Hong Kong cuisine, HKTDC will be collaborating with OpenRice to share exclusive offers from over 50 Hong Kong food outlets with its readers. The promotion will start from mid-October 2017 and run for a month.

For more information about In Style ● Hong Kong, please visit: 
Official Website: www.instyle-hk.com

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