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August 6, 2017

It is a normal consequence of the aging process for everyone, so we take care our skin as we age to prevent the wrinkles and fine lines. but there is one part where we always ignore which is our scalp. Do you know the scalp skin is subjected to more premature aging as the skin covering the body?
Aging of the scalp manifests itself in its inability to maintain healthy follicles, the most commonly early signs of the scalp raging is associated with hair thinning and loses its ability to retain moisture to caused a weakened hair shaft.
Try to think about it, if you don’t take time to ensure that you have a healthy scalp, how could you have a shinny healthy hair? 

I am always can't get enough of hair and scalp treatment, because my hair is damaged due to the bleaching years ago, also i have a itchy scalp especially when i came back from oversea. Special thanks for the lovely arrangement by NEKDERX and Kim De Houz, i had a wonderful scalp treatment that i feel great much better.
Kim De Houz is located at Puchong Jaya, which just 10 minutes driving distance from IOI Boulevard. 
Kim De Houz address : No 2, Jalan kenari 16, Puchong Jaya, 47100 Puchong.

Tel : +603-8080 8663
Simple minimalist interior design.

They also offer nail care services.

Introducing the latest anti-aging haircare products, Viege.
Viege offers a scalp care range personalised to different scalp conditions. With the focus on nutrition rich vegetables, Viege has anti-aging properties that conditions the scalp and hair to ensure a supple scalp and regain volume and elasticity, revitalising hair into their youthful state. The formulation of each treatment is tailored specifically for each customer's respective scalp condition. 
     Viege Scalp Treatment      

     | Step 1 |     
Cleanses my scalp and hair gently by using Viege Shampoo to removing unnecessary sebum, metal ions and odor. This shampoo also helps restore healthy scalp conditions with antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. 
i have to mentioned about its lather is so fine in texture that i've never seen before, and i loved the cooling sensation i felt on my scalp, so relaxing.
     | Step 2 |     
According my scalp condition, i have oily scalp so the hair stylist choose Viege Balance Suppli for scalps with stickness for me. It is an astringent moisturiser which contains lemon juice, carrot root extract and cucurbita pepo (pumpkin) fruit extract. 
Refresh my scalp with a hint of lemon verbena fragrance. 
     | Step 3 |     
Conditions the scalp with Viege Base Suppli to be plump and healthy, creating a silhouette with fullness by lifting the hair from the roots. 
The ingredients in Viege Base Suppli are Phytopolyamine, tomato fruit extract and Lettus leaf extract. The lead components penetrate the horny layer to support the penetration of the scalp suppli to create a soft fluffy silhouette. 
     | Step 4 |     
Strengthens the hairs with Viege Hair Treatment Volume. 
Nano-sized cortex reinforcing ingredients and plant-based CMC reinforcing ingredients penetrate thinning hair due to raging and strengthening the hair from within. The main ingredient Burdock root extract can restoring suppleness and elasticity/ moisturising efficiently. 
Love the glamorously light and refreshing fruity scent (starfruits, lemon and grapefruits as the main note), i close my eyes and enjoy the pleasant sensations as i go deeper and deeper. 
Lastly, apply Viege Medicate Essence onto my scalp to promote the flow of blood to activate the cells, helps to prevent hair loss while designed for women to grow thicker, stronger, and healthier hair. Also, spray Viege Root Care Mist to add volume to the roots. It can eliminating dryness, tension and odors also. 
A group picture with the boss of Kim De Houz, thanks for having me!
It was truly the best scalp treatment i've ever had, keep my scalp clean and fresh with this amazing scalp treatment to clear away these impurities. 
Bear in mind, getting to the source is the first step in solving the problem, so please pay attention to your scalp as it can help you prevent any hair loss problems. 

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