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August 23, 2017

Water is an essential nutrient to health as we can take water anytime anywhere and end up we do not realise the importance of proper hydration. A human can survive 1 month may be without food, but only a few days without water. Water is so important to our body to prevent dehydration and ensure your survival. But most of the people always take it for granted.
Well~ can you tell me how many glasses of water you drink daily? 
We all know we have to drink at least 8 glasses water a day, who will actually follow this even though it is common sense?
I drink at least 4 litres water a day, it is my habit. I will carry a bottle of water and put into my car when i go out, just want to make sure i can drink water anytime. Water is an important part of our daily bodily functions, so it is a must to continually replenish it.
I have installed the Diamond Coral Alkaline Water Filter in my house since last month, we found that it make some changes to our lifestyle. There is something important to know before telling you about our changes.
 After installed Coral Alkaline Water Filter, there are 2 options to choose, either using water or Coral Alkaline Water.
     | What is Coral Alkaline Water? |     
Coral Calcium is the corals that live in the pollution-free ocean after experiencing centuries of weathering, absorbs precious nutrients in the depths of the ocean and contain more than 70 kinds of beneficial minerals such as natural calcium and magnesium ions. Diamond have selected special natural coral calcium, diatomite and maifan stone to form an innovative water system by applying in 3 main processes and 18 treatments which is purification, mineralization and magnetization to produces Coral Alkaline Water. This water contains alkaline minerals with pH 7.5-8.5, beneficial to health and keeps the concerns of acidic physique away! 
As i said before, we have to drink about 2.5-3 litres water (8-10 glasses daily) and children should drink about 1-1.5 litres water every day (3-5 glasses). Some people like to drink soda drink instead of water, because water is tasteless to them. Coral Alkaline Water has naturally sweet with a pleasant taste whilst contains high minerals, high penetration power and easier to be absorbed. Children might become more willing to drink it as it has a tinge of sweetness. Same to the fruits and vegetables, it can reduce the sourness and preserve its sweet taste after soak it in Coral Alkaline Water.
Just soak all the fruits and vegetables with Coral Alkaline Water can help to preserve its freshness because it can remove up to 99% of toxic agricultural chemicals and pesticides from fruits and vegetables after it has been submerged for 30 minutes. My mother doesn't need to buy vegetable washes again, we can eat healthier and save money at the same time!
We always seek for quick solution to prevent oxidation for apples or pears, just soak them with the Coral Alkaline Water before cutting, the problem is solved amazingly! You don't need to dip apples in the lemon juice/ salt water/ sprinkle with ascorbic acid powder all these hassle thing.
Another amazing thing! It can remove the strong unpleasant odour of seafood such as fish, shrimp and shellfish! 
No matter cook rice, noodle or soup, it will be tastier/ more springy (for noodle)/ more aromatic (for rice)/ stronger taste (for soup) by using Coral Alkaline Water. 
Nurtured plants with this water, it will grow better, look fresher and last longer. Even the flowers also will blossom more vibrantly! 
This is definitely what i love! I used Coral Alkaline Water to bath my doggies and i realised that my doggies fur is become softer and smoother, foul doors reduced also!
My family and I have been enjoying drink the Coral Alkaline Water, we were surprised and delighted by the health benefits of Coral Alkaline Water especially using it in our cooking and lifestyle. My simple tips to keep healthier is fill the water bottle with Coral Alkaline Water and then bring it everywhere, it will be more simplistic way and cost efficient for health enhancement. 
Apart from this, i also discovered the awesome DIAMOND CORAL WaterBar that is suitable for whole family with its new 3-second heat technology. Water can be heated up to 100°c from room temperature in just 3 second because with an intelligent warm water function, it can provide 50℃ warm water instantly. The best thing is i can place the WaterBar in my parent's bedroom with its compact size, so they don't have to walk to the kitchen at downstair to get warm water during late night. By simply pressing a button and wait for 3 second only, to get a glass of fresh warm water is no longer a challenge for all of us! This is indeed a revolutionary technology integral to our daily lives.

For more information about these 2 products, please visit Diamond Coral Facebook and Website

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