Good oral hygiene with IBKEEO Premium Oral Hygiene Mouthwash

August 28, 2017

Do you know what is good oral hygiene? 
Do you know your mouth actually is a window into the health of your body that can show signs of nutritional deficiencies?
Usually after meals, oral bacteria and food will attach themselves to protein membrane. If without a good oral hygiene, the proteins elements will cover our teeth and gums then might cause bad breath. Bad breath is just no fun. Who love to talk to you when your breath have a foul odors? 

Thus, maintaining good oral hygiene is one of the most important things you can do for your teeth and gums to freshen your breath, also very important to your overall well-being. Mouthwash is one of the essential for daily preventive care, but there are many types and brands of mouthwash on the market, which is the best mouthwash for us?
Two weeks ago, i was attend a media launch that introduce a new mouthwash from Korea.
IBKEEO Premium Oral Hygiene Mouthwash
With Korea Clinical Certification and trusted quality, IBKEEO Premium Oral Hygiene Mouthwash claims to kills 99.9% oral bacteria in just 30 seconds! 
     | Why IBKEEO Premium Oral Hygiene Mouthwash is so powerful? |     
It enhanced with quality ginseng extract, white peony (an active antibacterial ingredient, preventing growth of bacteria), tea tree (helps to remove protein leftover in the mouth and eliminate bad breath) and licorice (activates salivary glands, prevent dry mouth, and cleans oral hygiene).
Meanwhile, Ginsenosides also help to strengthen periodontal ligament stem cells, forming healthier cementum and periodontal ligaments.
     | Who need IBKEEO?  |     
People who wear braces, elderly, smokers, dating, office workers, children, love to smile, the night owl. 
1. Pour 10-15ml IBKEEO Oral Hygiene Solution into a cup.
2. Empty cup into mouth and gargle for 20-30 seconds.
3. Spit out and you will see visible protein leftovers.
4. Enjoy fresh breath and healthy oral hygiene.
     | How it feels? |     
Compare with other brands of mouthwash, IBKEEO has a mild sensation and 100% alcohol-free. I love the ginseng smell, it is similar with the taste after i eat ginseng candy. The amazing part is protein leftovers visible after rinses! IBKEEO Premium Oral Hygiene Mouthwash can reduce the amount of dental plaque and bacteria in your mouth efficiently with its visible result after use it, and my mouth feel and smell fresher, my teeth are clean and free of debris! 
Caution : Please do not swallow!

But please take note that you shouldn't only using mouthwash to fight for good oral health, it suppose to be included as part of your daily dental routine, along with regular brushing, flossing and professional dental check-ups. Now you can say goodbye to bacteria and bad breath, everyone have a great smile because of IBKEEO Premium Oral Hygiene Mouthwash. =)
Kindly visit or log on to IBKEEO Facebook for more information. 

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