PUPA Sport Addicted, Sweat-Proof Makeup!

August 31, 2017

Hey! Welcome back to my beauty blog because i'm going to share a makeup review with you guys after so many lifestyle blogposts in this month.
As Athleisure becomes more than just a fashion trend, now it’s extended into a unexpected category which is cosmetics! Oh yay! For your information, Athleisure is a fashion trend which clothing designed for workouts is worn in other settings. A makeup that’s easy and comfy for an active person to enhance their appearance in a fuss-free, subtle manner during workout, i bet all girls would just love that, right? who doesn't want the no-makeup makeup look? LOL!
This blog post is all about the sweat-proof makeup products, and also it is essential to have in my makeup kit now, i love it so much!
PUPA is one of the best selling makeup in Italian perfumeries, and they has captured the Athleisure trend as well, recently launched its new and exclusive line of Sport Addiction Makeup Collection which specially formulated for use during sport activities!
     | PUPA Sport Addicted Make-up |    
A range of total 6 products which designed for the face, eyes and lips. From the face powder to concealer, makeup fixer, mascara, eyeliner and lip balm, aims to create a comfortable and extremely long-lasting perfect make-up even when sweat threatens its performance. 
It is sweat-proof, waterproof and totally sport-proof!
The highlight of this collection is SWEAT-PROOF!
Usually we will using the waterproof cosmetics for our outdoor activities, but because it is waterproof only, many people lament the shiny and smudged look creases in the heat especially our eyes due to excess oil production on the eyelids.
Whether it's in order to remain shine-free face or keeping eyes smudge-proof, PUPA Sport Addicted Make-up is designed not only for all sports activities, but also give your makeup longevity despite the warmer weather. The best part is we are no longer afraid to look pale when going to gym/ outdoor activities with friends, because your makeup will not sabotaged by the sweating anymore!
     | Sport Addicted Concealer |    
This is my most favourite item among all, i love it because it is lightweight! The texture is not too thick and yet to gives my skin a high coverage whilst a natural, radiant finish. It is creamy enough and smooth like melting texture which adheres perfectly to the skin to ensuring that it lasts over time, even during sport.
Price : RM85
Available in 3 different shades : light beige, natural beige and intense beige
     | Sport Addicted Mascara |    
Unlike to others, this mascara comes with an unexpected lightweight and soft texture. For mascara, applicator is very important.
This mascara's applicator is fibre applicator which mix of 2 fibres with different rigidity, the softer ones to give volume and the more rigid ones for combing and designing, ensure the lashes are perfectly sculpted and flexible film.
Price : RM89
I did not apply mascara on the "Before" photo, that is my original lashes.
After the first coat : the lashes are perfectly sculpted like natural looking eyelashes, i can't see any extend volume or lengthen. But no worries, it will give your lashes an intense and generous volume after the second coat. 
After apply Sport Addicted Mascara, my lashes look long and thick, its doesn't clump! I applied it when go out for all day long, my lashes still on its shape perfectly as it resistant to sweat and water, without any smudging or clumping. 
     | Sport Addicted Balm |     
Lip balm with a soft and comfortable texture for easy and comes with SPF15. 
Price : RM59
Available in 3 different shades : Pure Vanilla, Node Rose and Burgundy
If you are looking for lightweight but deeply moisture lip balm, this one is definitely what you want! It is kinda different with other lip balm, when i apply this on my lips, the texture is really smooth like immediately turn to watery and melted on my lips, what an extremely pleasant application! Moreover, it is transparent and without any shinny, best for flawless lips even during sports!
Please go to SaSa outlet and try it out, you will surprise with its smooth texture!
     | Sport Addicted Fixer |     
Last step, Fix your makeup!
If you want to keep your makeup looking great from morning to dark but loose powders aren't your thing, then you should goes for the makeup fixer. Sport Addicted Fixer is lightweight and fresh with its innovative water-based texture, leaves an imperceptible film that fixes your face makeup in a single step.
Price : RM99
Once sprayed, it makes your face makeup resistant to sweat and heat! 
The little bottle is perfect both to carry in your bag for that last minute touch up, and to keep your make up melted from the sweat!
That day i was going to park with my dogs under the big sun, I'm using these all products for the makeup. 
And look at my makeup, stay perfectly without melt after an hours. 
This range of sweat-proof collection is affordable and a must-have in my opinion. Love its lightweight and non-sticky texture, i feel like wear a zero makeup on my skin all day long, so comfortable and long-lasting. It just turn my face of makeup into a sweat- and transfer-resistant masterpiece with just a few steps! 
PUPA Sport Addicted Make-up is now exclusively available at all SaSa outlets! 
For more information, feel free to check out the via SaSa Website or Facebook

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