Laneige Waterful Sharing Campaign 2017

August 8, 2017

After 3 successful runs under the ‘Waterful Sharing Campaign’ banner, Laneige Malaysia once again renews commitment to provide access to clean water for orang asli communities in the country. 
Since the launch of the campaign in May, the brand successfully raised RM100, 000 through the sale of its CSR Water Sleeping Mask, in which RM10 from the sales were directed towards the campaign fund. Laneige donated 30 units of Life Straw point-of-use community water filtration systems to facilitate clean drinking water for villagers & inculcate the importance of drinking good quality water for body & skin. 

 I have visited orang asli settlements recently with Laneige Malaysia & Global Peace Foundation Malaysia (GPF) jointly mobilized assets, volunteers & invited media members to join the official water filtration handover ceremony to communities at Kampung Ulu Geroh, Perak. 
We were welcomed by the recipients with an interactive dance and music. 
They also participated in activities such as kids’ fun workshop and arts & crafts organized for them throughout the day.
 "Staying true to our commitment, we at Laneige are happy to be contributors to causes that uplift lives of Malaysians & we hope the water filters donated will be of good use to the community." said, Foong Winnie, Brand General Manager of Laneige Malaysia.
 The women were treated to an all-exclusive Laneige Beauty Makeover to express the importance of taking care of their skin as well as reiterate the benefits of drinking good quality water for skin.
With my blogger friend, Rane.
 The team also sponsored stationaries & ‘Refill me’ water bottles for all schooling children in the community. During the course of activities, the team paid courtesy visits to a few homes in the village to hear their plight first-hand & provide the necessary assistance needed. 
Dr Teh Su Thye, Chief Executive Officer of GPF, added, we are grateful for this partnership & happy that Laneige’s contribution was timely as it sets an example of how corporate organizations can play a pivotal role to aid these situations.
It is very meaningful campaign to relief underprivileged communities with access to clean water.
This year’s chapter has benefitted more than 880 residents across FIVE villages including the newly identified Kampung Ulu Geroh & Kampung Poh in Perak as well as Kampung Padang, Pahang. 
More information on Laneige Malaysia’s Waterful Sharing Campaign is available via and

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