Princess V 5th Birthday

August 11, 2014

28th July is my beloved daughter Princess V's birthday, this is her 5th birthday. I don't know there are how many birthdays to go in the future but for sure that i and my family will celebrate with her until the end of the world.
We did held a birthday party / celebrated at restaurant in this few years, and this year we decided to celebrate at home. A very comfortable birthday celebration. 
You must wondering is she know this is her day? when she is 1, she must don't know. When celebrated at her 2nd and further, she will getting to know what happen. Dog always is human's best friend because they are smart. This is one of the reason that i am doing dog cake business, i wish they can have at least one memorable birthday celebration in their life.
She is really know this is her birthday when she saw her birthday cake.
Smile so happily! 

Can't wait to lick the cake but sorry...this is only for photo shooting purpose, cut cake section is at night, LoL!

Golden Dou Dou is the most terrible dog, especially face to camera. Haiz... 
She is my mummy's princess too!
Golden Dou Dou : Why everyone ignore me today? =(
Princess V : Can i eat the fire? looks delicious!

This is Princess V's 5th birthday cake.
Of course done by me.
I made fondant cake for them before so this year i got to think something new.
This is a salmon and cucumber wheat free cake, frosting with potato and cream cheese.
They are superb love it!
For further details, please check my doggie bakery ~ Dogelicious Doggie's Treats 

I love you, my precious Princess V, forever ever...

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