Beauty Review : Oceanlab Aurora Angel Cream

August 28, 2014

I was invited to Oceanlab Aurora Angel launching in afternoon gathering at Ben's Kicthen Bangsar Shopping Center which organised by SaSa Malaysia in July, bring my sister Yennie went to this because we are so excited when we heard it just need 5.5 sec for instant whitening! (☆_☆)
Pretty specialist from Taiwan.

We were experience how whitening miracle happened in their demo session. 
Had great dessert at Ben's Kitchen, Bangsar Shopping Center.
Purposely wear in all white to match this event. =)
Met Queenie in event too. Let's us take a group selfie =P
I believe all of you didn't heard about this brand, no worries i will explain to you. =)
OceanLab was founded by an American plastic surgeon Dr. Dai and a French biochemical engineer Dr. Robert. They discovered the 5.5 seconds whitening technology and created 2 billion sales. Since OceanLab was developed by the U.S. medical team, the product can only be purchased through professional prescription over the past few years as a gesture to protect doctor’s rights. Since the effect is significant and there is a strong demand from consumers, OceanLab hence penetrate into the market in 2014. 
Thanks to SaSa Malaysia to bring this to us! We always do not hesitate to try new things as long as it is efficient and work, LoL! 

 OCEANLAB Aurora Angel 
 5.5 seconds instant whitening miracle 

 Whitening and radiant skin, is one of top beauty wish for all women nowadays.The world is change, we request everything in fast and efficient, we wants to see results almost instantly. That is exactly what Oceanlab Aurora Angel range is all about – providing women with fair and radiant looking skin in 5.5 seconds! 

Oceanlab Aurora Angel is a premier whitening cream that is rich in emollients that soothe skin and help to lock in moisture, while improving its translucent aura. Compactly packed with OceanLab’s Signature Advanced Formulas from nature, it helps to maintain youthful skin by sweeping away wrinkles.
Why OceanLab? 
OceanLab is always in search of “beauty insight” as its fundamental principal focusing on research & innovation in developing high-quality beauty products. The Aurora Angel Intensive Whitening Plus & Whitening Body Cream are an instant whitening skin product and with consistent use in long term will be able to help in lightening dark spots 
How this 5.5 seconds of miracle does happens? 
OceanLab combines both traditional Chinese herbal medicine remedies and modern technology for the instant whitening benefit in the Aurora Angel product range. One of the main properties in Aurora Angel Whitening products is the PEARL POWDER EXTRACT ,  It contains many minerals and amino acids that provides moisture and whitening effect to the skin .
The best part is Oceanlab Aurora Angel Intensive Whitening Plus Cream can be use on whole face include eyes area! This is because they are using formula similar with eyes cream texture to make this face cream. So great for me!!! I am the lazy girl but want to be prettier in second hahaha! are you ? =P
 Let's me start to experience how amazing of this product!
Cream texture.
I try on my hand first.
Can see the different? Hmm...actually it is much more whiter and brighter but it's not much showing when i capture it with my DSLR. To show the effect, i didn't edit my photos.
This time try on my half face.
Smooth a small amount over the skin and massage lightly until fully absorbed.
Deng Deng Deng! become Snow White in 5 second!!! 
OMG! really amazing!
After use : 
- Tighten my pores.
- Firming my face.
- Whitening instantly

So good! This can replace my CC cream in day and face cream in night.
" So amazing and instantly ! is the ingredients danger to us?"
Before to launch a product, they must send for safety check. 
Here is my massage teaching :
- Rub your palm till warm, cover your face from in to out repeatedly.
- Because of this face cream is safe to eyes area, so don't forget to take care your eyes.
- Press like this gently.

Oil Control test.
I was apply oceanlab cream on my hand and covered by blotting paper.
Looks! non oily at all! 
Being a white angel is not just a dream! 
You can experience this amazing face cream now at all SaSa Shop Malaysia! Retail price : RM 288

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