Super Adorable Custom Made Vintage Dog Tag

August 27, 2014

First of all, i was change my blog cover picture, it is created by me, hope you will like it. =)
July and August is my furkids birthday month, was ordered this vintage style custom made dog tag from my lovely  pets clay artist from Taiwan on July. I love to explore some custom made or unique one for my pets. I found this since i want to custom made my furkids head as iPhone dust ear cap. I was sharing with you before but never mind if you can't remember, this is the picture =P
Supposedly it will arrive my door step in July but because of some issue, the parcel return to Taiwan without inform me, OMG!!!!
So, the owner from Taiwan need go to their pos office collect and repost it again. I am so love you!!! ( besides of dog tags, she was so kind to help me collect my order from another Taiwan shop and delivery together to me also!)  
Finally!!! i received it today!!! Yahooooo!!!! This is superb duper cute my goodness ~~~
Vintage style dog tag with my furkids face on top, it is so unique and only one in the world because this is made follow with my furkids picture. Just similar to my job, i am making fondant cake with their picture as reference. 
~ Back side ~
I was erase my contact number =)
Princess V : cookies? snacks? can i eat???
Princess V : mummy, who is this? why looks alike me?!
mummy : hmm...sorry my dear, this is more adorable LoL!
This is for Golden Dou Dou. Golden Dou Dou is prettier hahaha~~~ 
This dog tag is presentable and useable.
Just hang it on your collar. I means...Pets collar...LoL!

I know you can't wait to ask where am i order this, right?
Here is it : 
She do accept international order, payment by paypal. Please ask her for international shipping fees. 

* This is not advertorials but just for sharing only. =)

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