Annual Furry Princesses Trip to the beach! Part 2

August 14, 2014

Second day at Cherating, we went to the town take away Mcdonald and Chatime as our lunch. Chatime tearoom is located at Teluk Cempedak, there are about 1 hour driving distance from my chalet.But since we got nothing to do in the afternoon, so we decided heading to grab some foods for our snacks or dinner. Teluk Cempedak is the famous beach in Kuantan and there are a lots of international hotel and beachfront cafe (Starbucks and Chatime) or fast-food restaurant (KFC, Mcdonald and Burger King). We only able to go for drive thru because with this 2 babies, dog is prohibited to this area due to a lot of Malays here.

We back to our chalet to had fast-food lunch, LoL! wait until 3pm (hmm the sun is still big big and big!!) , anyhow we don't care! we don't want to waste the time and the sunlight , apply the strongest sunblock and let's go!

From my picture, you can see i was carrying a lots of things right? Ok, this is my gadget ~
Waterproof phone bag ( hanging on my neck) | Bikini | Beach slippers | Sunglasses | straw mat

this is my princesses's gadget ~
* Life Jackets ( Must have! i don't care how potential your dog can swim, it is a very basic safety guide because you cannot approximate when is the sea wave become strong or weak, and you can't always watch out since this is sea, but not a small small swimming pool) 
* Water ( Must have! to avoid heatstroke )
* Leash ( For dog can't swim well, you can put the leash on their life jacket and let them swim into sea, so it won't run away and you can make sure their safety)
* Floating toy 

Before the sea, Please PAY ATTENTION on my safety guides as below :
Dangers Dogs May Be Exposed to at the Beach

Effects of Salt Water

If excess salt water accumulates in your dog’s intestines, it can cause “beach diarrhea.” Symptoms include drooling, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea (sometimes severe). There may also be blood or mucous in your dog’s feces. 
 Ingesting high concentrations of salt water can also raise the sodium levels in your dog’s bloodstream to unsafe levels. This is known as “hypernatremia.” It is a serious condition that may result in seizures, coma, and sometimes even death, due to swelling in the brain.
 To limit the amount of water being swallowed, bring your dog in the shade every 15 minutes and provide fresh water.

Effects of Sun Exposure

Dogs with short hair, white fur and pink skin are most vulnerable to sun exposure. Just like people, dogs can burn, but human sunscreen can be toxic. It is best to use sunscreen specifically formulated for dogs or use a child-safe sun lotion approved by your vet.

Effects of Swimming

Swimming is also quite tiring, so be sure your dog doesn't overdo it. Don't allow your dog in the water if there are strong tides or rip currents. Because salt water may irritate your pet's skin and because your dog is an easy target for sea lice and jelly fish, be sure to rinse your dog thoroughly after a dip in the ocean.

The Effects of Heat

Dogs can develop heat exhaustion if exposed to the heat for too long without shade. Be aware that running in the sand is tiring and can lead to exhaustion and leg sprains. Some dogs tend do over do it, especially when they have residual pent up energy. Keep in mind that dogs may over heat even when in the water.

Other Hidden Threats

Sand granules in the eyes may cause irritation, eye pain and redness. Should this occur, flush the eye with fresh water. If the eye does not get better, consult your vet, it may be a corneal ulcer. Also be sure to prevent your dog from eating sand, shells, starfish or stones. They can cause serious intestinal obstructions or upset stomach.

Please Please! These are easily to do, please take good care of your dog and let them enjoy a very happy vacation ok? 

My Golden Dou Dou is so so so happy =)))

 Settled down and get prepare shooting again!!! hahaha...
I am wondering why the colours and contrast of my pictures changed when i uploaded in blogspot, it looks great when i uploaded at Facebook / Instagram, anyone can tell me? haizzz....

 Golden Dou Dou always seek for pampering, LoL! 

Golden Dou Dou : " Grandma, can you don't push me ? i feel you like push me going to die ~~ "

Princess V : " mummy the water is so so so salted *blek* "

Both of them afraid the sea waves, so only can play and run at the beach. But i drove 3 hours to here, how come they can't goes to swim? hehehe... later you will know how i bring them go into the sea *evil smile*

Princess V can't off leash because she will chasing the kids at beach. (she is real fierce to kids)
Oh yeah! she is my sister a.k.a photographer, so only appear in few pictures here LoL! 
 Crazy sister posing crazy pose, LoL!

 Hmm... i have no idea why she loves to pose like so dramatic ==!

Princess V : " wha...what happen?!!!"
Mummy : " bye bye lar, see you in KL ok ? ~~~"
Princess V : " Arghhhh!!! i want jump out from this pony, ahhhh!!! help!!! "
I was try to tempting Golden Dou Dou go to swim...
She always is the most good girl,always follow my instruction...
 Until...failed this time >_<
Mummy : " come my little girls...come to mummy here...."
Both girls : " Don't stupid mummy, we will not move one more step! "

This is what i told you before, put leash on the life jacket.
This is how i carry Golden Dou Dou go into the sea, looks at my waist, broken soon.....
Can you imagine i was carrying 36kg weight Golden Dou Dou and walk into the sea ?!

~ To be continue ~


  1. OMG~I love Golden Retriever. :) I wish I could have fun with one in the future.


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