Beauty Review: Hatomugi Skin Conditioner from Japan

August 20, 2014

As a girl, who don't want to be prettier? who don't like to try new beauty care products especially heard it is efficient? 
I am not using whole range in a same brand, and i prefer to use a beauty care product not more than 2 years, because i believe there are always improve their formula of their products, i love to experience new one. =)
Hydration, is every age level women needs. No matter you are pretty 18th or gorgeous 80th years old, hydration is the one of the important for skin maintenance. If your skin lack of hydration, you will looks older at least 3-5 years. I am not kidding ok...
I was feel so glad that receive a goods from SaSa, this is definitely what i need! 
Because it can be used on both face and body which makes it even more versatile in its usage, it is the best point for me the lazy girl, LoL! 
Hatomugi Skin Conditioner
The highly demanded skin conditioner in Japan is now approaching all beauty lovers out there who wants tokeep their skin in tip top condition without spending much on the latest and greatest. Providing a surge of hydration, Japanese women have recently been loving this conditioner as a solution to their vanity woes.

 “Hatomugi”(“Job’s tears” in English) has long been called “a plant for life and health”, and popularly consumed as tea for health or herbal medicine.It uses such Hatomugi’s effects in repairing and conditioning the skin. 

Why Hatomugi? 
It contains of Hatomugi extract that helps skin cells to produce hyaluronic acid that provides ample moisture to the skin, keeping it smooth and free from roughness .
Just a bottle for a perfectly conditioned skin, let's see how's good is it:
~ repairing and conditioning the skin. 
~ normalizes the turn-over cycle of skin cells 
~ effective ingredient for spots, blemishes and aging skin.
~ soothing and repairing the sunburned skin. 
~ brightening

Result of adding Hatomugi extract to normal human dermal fibroblast and measuring the amount of hyaluronic acid after three days of cultivation .

Hatomugi skin conditioner can be used on both face and body .It can be used sparingly on the body after shower or for a more refreshing touch.It can be used after keeping it cool in the refrigerator as well and it is works better for your sunburned skin, it can cooling and soothing your sensitiveness due to sunburned.

The texture of lotion is non sticky, like water. It makes me feel so good in hot day. =)
1. Use a cotton pad and pour on it with generous amount.
* my opinion : since it is cheap, i pour quite a lots (size like 3x 50 cent new coins)
2. Gently pad over your skin . 
My method : Please pad gently from bottom to up [direction] of your skin.
3. After that, massage from in to out [direction] of your skin for a minute.
4. Use your palms to press gently.
For the best result, pour a generous amount of Hatomugi Skin Contidioner onto cotton pad and apply it as a face mask. Apply on your T zone where is forehead and cheeks. Approximately 5-10 minutes daily.
< After use >
You can see from my picture. My skin is become brighten after use Hatomugi Skin Conditioner, feel
so refreshing and soothing. 
Please bear in mind  : Hydration is the key of your skin care, it is a basic in beauty basic day care.It is the first step to helps to create a healthy and non-sensitive skin. If hydration problem occur, your skin will looks dry and dull, skin no longer with strong protective and it will become sensitive skin type very soon.

It is only selling RM29 ! Definitely this is a good deal for a 500 ml big bottle but can be your toner + body mist + mask + body care + special remedy =)

Hatomugi Skin Conditioner 500ml is available at all SaSa outlets, retailing price : RM29.00. 

For more details , please visit

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