How to clean your makeup brushes

July 31, 2014

Still remember when is your last clean up your brushes or sponge? Or you never ever do it before?!!
It is very important to clean your cosmetic tools always, there are a lots of bacteria on your brushes. When you use it on your face, your face oil + acne sometimes? + dirt + bacteria = your uncleaned brushes. Oh My God! hows disgusting !!!!! 
 I never clean it and I would use them until they were so gross and then I would buy new brushes ) 
I bet this is 80% of you to do so, LoL! 
Please, don't do it again ok! 
Bacteria on brushes will made your face break out or makeup look muddy, after that you have to spend money to cure your break out face ,is that what you want because of your laziness?

How often should you clean makeup brushes? 

For concealer and foundation brushes, at least once a week to prevent a buildup of product. And because these brushes are used on your face, the cleaner, the better. Brushes that are used around the eyes should be cleaned at least twice a month, while all others can be washed once a month.

How do you do it?

 It will be great if you have a cleaner especially for make up brushers, you can buy it at every beauty counter but you got to pay. 
This is the cheapest and easiest way, you can also use a mild neutral cleanser (such as baby shampoo) to wash! 
Step 1 : Diluted few drop of baby shampoo with water ,put brushers into the dilution. Wait for few minutes if your brushes are very very very dirty.
Step 2 : Gently press on and massage your bristles follow the flow direction of the hair, to press out all residue dirt remain in the brush. 
Always remember to keep the base of the brush head away from soap and water.The bristles are glued to the base, and water and detergent can cause the glue to disintegrate and the bristles to come loose and shed.
Step 3 : Rinse bristles with water, remember to follow the same direction of the hair flow. 
 Last step : squeeze out the excess moisture with tissue, reshape the brush head, and put it aside to dry, MUST NOT under the sun, it will damage your bristles.
Please make sure your brushes are totally dry, or else the bristles can become mildewed.

Happy Cleaning Day =)

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