White on White

July 27, 2014

White lace crop top - Topshop
Midi skirt - Mooie shop
Mary jane shoes - Zara

White on white is a key trend of year 2014 fashion. I love white the most, so i am happily to wear whole set in white colour, i know some of you might think of white may cause you looks fattier/boring.
Wearing a crop top to make total looks not too boring, lace is the bonus details and i choose midi skirt (transparent part at middle), layering my style so that i will not looks like too heavy.
Try to mix textures and layers when wearing head to toe of any one colour. Combining different weights, such as white lace or chiffon, and eveningwear weaves, such as satin, are interesting on the eye.If you're uncomfortable going all-in with the white, small pops of color can pare down the intensity of the look while still keeping it fun. White colour clothes always is the best investment for your wardrobe.Let's wear your own all-white ensembles all summer long!

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