Beauty Review :The flower power - Kiehl's Calendula deep cleansing foaming face wash

July 24, 2014

I am a cake designer, a baker. =)
My working hours definitely more than as an office lady, and i have to face to oven for a long day. Deep cleansing and soothing of skin is very very important for me, because my face will looks oily but dry after baking works.If i do not clean my skin very well, soothing my skin after baking, i can't imagine how's my skin looks like now. (although i don't have very good skin too, LoL!) But i wish to have a healthy skin.
I was using Kiehl's since my college life, there are no any Kiehl's outlets in Malaysia and i bought it from Hong Kong. I am a loyal user of them, Kiehl's doesn't do too many of commercial promote but there are a lots of celebrities loves to use it! 
2 weeks ago, i was so excited to attending their blogger private lunch at Serai restaurant in Jaya Shopping Centre.That is a wonderful lunch for knowing this products and another bloggers too.
Beautiful decoration * love love*

 Nice to meet you all =)
Calendula herbal extract toner has been introduced in the 1960's, formulated with hand-picked Marigold flower petals, placed into every bottle by hand. This become an iconic and the best selling product of Kiehl's which can selling 1 every 20 seconds globally. 
In Year 2014, they are proudly to launching Calendula deep cleansing foaming face wash with new formulation. It must a perfect combination (toner and cleanser) to archive a healthy skin. Kiehl's chemists have relied on the power of carefully selected ingredients to balance their highly effective yet gentle formulations.
Agree? YES! Cleansing always is the most important step to protects your skin! Once there are tiny cracks in the skin barrier, it increases the possibility of irritation and allergies,using a soap-free formula is an integral part of maintaining the skin barrier function. Kiehl’s chemists carefully selected an amino acid-based surfactant to cleanse deeply while ensuring a gentle yet rich foam, while a vegetable-based surfactant further boosts our product’s ability to sweep dirt and oil away. 
Additionally, to nourish, soothe and hydrate the skin, Kiehl’s chemists utilized Calendula Flower Extract for its soothing properties and Glycerin, for its ability to pull moisture from the air to replenish and help keep the skin hydrated.
 I love the smell of this toner, smell like Chrysanthemum white tea (if you don't know the smell of calendula =P ). How's does the toner smell like is one of my request to buy it, i'll feel relaxing and refreshing when it is good smell and it is actually help to work it well. That's the reason of aromatherapy launched.(hmm that is another topic).For daily use, moisten a cotton pad with toner and apply to skin in areas where needed, please remember to avoiding your eyes area. For advance result, either you can moisten three cotton pad with toner and apply on your cheeks and forehead twice a week/whenever you feel your skin need "water" OR moisten on a mask sheet and use it as a mask once a week. That's my method to use this toner.
It's really soothe my skin! Like it like it!

Calendula deep cleansing foaming face wash smell stronger, it is not only for cleansing but can be your make up removal too! looks at my video, it can remove my shocking pink lipstick and bb cream, and it also can remove eyes make up too but because of i am the model in video,so...please let me safe my eyes make up ok? LoL! After i removed make up by using this, i did a small experiment to prove that i didn't lie you =)
After using Calendula deep cleansing foaming face wash,i used another brand make up removal to apply on my face and the result showed that i am honest girl. hahaha!
Easy to use, just dampen your face and hands with water,pump cleanser into your hands (1 pump if for cleansing, 2 pumps for remove make up),work into lather, massage lather onto skin with a gentle circular motion.Rinse with water and pat dry. 

In consumer perception tests, immediately after the first application: 
-        92% were satisfied overall;
-        88% said skin feels deeply yet gently cleansed;
-        86% said it provided highly effective cleansing.
After 4 weeks of using Calendula Deep Cleansing Foaming Face Wash:
-        94% said their skin felt refreshed;
-        90% said it removed all traces of excess dirt, oil, make-up and impurities from skin’s surface;
-        86% said their skin felt healthier;
-        82% said their skin quality felt improved.

Calendula herbal extract toner and deep cleansing foaming face wash is for normal-to-oily skin type.
Prices of Calendula herbal extract toner - RM80 (125ml) ; RM135 (250ml) ; RM210 (500ml)
Price of Calendula deep cleansing foaming face wash - RM105 (230 ml)
Available at all Kiehl's outlet nationwide starting from July 2014.

For more information, visit

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