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July 20, 2014

I know some of my friends are wondering that why i always go for a cup of coffee recently? I am allergic to coffee and alcohol , will feel dizzy, heartbeat super fast and may be faint.
Being single for a while, yes i am single now (don't ask why because i don't think it is necessary to answer you, hehe!) my weekends are always alone since my brother sister have their dating, my friends all goes to accompany their boyfriend or hubby, my parents have their entertainment too, i am always alone with my furkids.

So, trying to find something to do when i am free from baking.
Brunch, that's what i always do during weekends now and my partner always is the same people hahaha! he is boring too! 

Hot chocolate, taste good because it's taste like very very "chocolate" LOL!
I didn't order coffee, but they had ristretto with 3oz/ 6oz/ 9oz milk (just pick what you like).

My friend ordered this but...i didn't ask the name of this pie, sorry ><!! 
How i wish to sit at here and take a picture!
when i was there, 2 girls were sitting there =(
Great combination design.
Looks so simple but eyes-catching modern interior design.
I love it because of their music , interior design and the ambiance. This is my new hang out place XD.
Where is it?

It is Thursdvys ! 
22, Lorong Datuk Sulaiman 1, 
Taman Tun Dr Ismail

Business Hours: 
Friday- Wednesday 9am-12am
Closed on Thursdays 

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