Annual Furry Princesses Trip to the beach!

July 20, 2014

We have annual trip for our furry princesses every year, and went to the same place because there are not too much of places where is pets friendly. 
Trip on 27th until 29th of May 2014, but because of too many pictures need to be edit and filter so i drag and drag until now,haha! 
We had a lots of fun there, of course when dogs off leash, they feel the freedom and excitement, that's what i love to bring them out for vacation at least once in a year. As usual, we stayed at Ruby's resort for this 3 days 2 nights trip. Yeah, we extended one more night ( we went for 2D1N last year and the year before) to have more fun and more relaxing, i am the driver (drove them all the way from Kajang to Cherating ) , nanny ( to make sure dogs and humans are comfortable with their stay and food), groomer ( shower and dry my princesses every time after beach), maid (bring my princesses go wee wee and poo poo, bring humans go to eat, make sure our room is clean enough after dry them) , i am extremely exhausted.
By the way, the humans that i mentioned is my mummy and sister. LoL!
We really took a lots of picture (more than 800 pieces ), and couldn't decide which one have to be let go,  but i'll try my best la! XD

Vacation details 
Venue : Cherating
Date : 27th ~ 29th May 2014
Trip Members : Me, sister, mummy, Golden Dou Dou (golden retriever)  and Princess V (miniature schnauzer)

So, are you ready? 

Exploring in the room.
Enjoy the wind blowing~~~

Ignore my no make up face LoL! 

My mummy and her princesses 

Why golden Dou Dou looks so Corgi in this picture? hahaha! 

Must wear life jacket before get into the sea!

Hmm... need shocked to be like this?! 

Princess V : Don't! i don't wan to swim!
and golden dou dou trying to hide behind LoL!

Princess V why you pose like this? yoga master huh?!

My golden dou dou is a good girl, follow us everywhere so she can be off leash but Princess V cannot. 

When we reached, that is 3pm, and after checked in and get to the beach is around 5pm, so the light of shooting picture is darker. 
The weather of May is quite terrible, thunderstorm in every day. I was very worried to pick a good date because golden Dou Dou is super duper scare of thunder and raining! she will lost control and damage something may be when she is looking somewhere can hide. Too bad that the thunderstorm came in the first night, that is more worst and horrible! There are no building surrounding us so you can heard thunder louder x2! The worst part is when thunderstorm came, power failure in our room. Golden Dou Dou was like " arghhhh!!!!" gone case ==! she can't sleep so meaning that i can't sleep too, haiz... luckily we are not going back the next day, i have no more energy to drive 3 hours. 

Besides of this little unlucky, we are still the lucky one because there are good weather after this. =)

~ Day 1 photo dairy ended ~
More beautiful and sunny pictures coming, to be continue ~

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